Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running Once Again

The past two weeks I have been busy, but I also managed to get some solid miles in. I live so close to the American River Parkway that it is now so convenient and easy for me and Traildog to go for a run. He is my inspiration and he wont let me not go for a run. How can I resist those big brown puppy dog eyes. I just can't.

It has been good for both us. I was beginning to get in a bit of funk and was having a hard time pulling myself out of it. But once I started running consistently, slowly things became clearer and my haze lifted and I was once again moving with a purpose.

It has been tough for both of us during these past few weeks, finding new routines and not seeing Lil Man everyday has been even tougher. But we are growing and slowly finding our mark once again.

Traildog has gone out on every run with me and he is quickly getting trim. I mean he wasn't "big" before but I can tell a difference in him. He is so excited when we run and so relaxed when we get back. The longest run he has done is 12.3 which is around the lake. Not bad for Traildog.

Traildog is also finally adjusting to his new place. We are slowly getting things settled in and unpacked, but what ever you do please don't open the spare bedroom! I think the one thing I find the hardest is cooking for one. I find that I am eating the same thing day in and day out, or sometimes I just don't eat dinner. I am bringing my  lunch to work for the most part and I am enjoying the semi quiet time. I didn't realize how sleep deprived I actually was. I remember sleeping but, wow I can't believe how great it is to sleep for a solid chunk of time. This past week though my schedule has been so hectic that it doesn't really count. It's a good thing I know how to work on minimal amount of sleep.

I am looking forward to my new adventures and getting through this Holiday Season. I am also looking forward to the LOTTERY on December 10. That is next weekend. Dec. 10 is when I find out if I get into Western States or if I am waiting another year. What ever happens it was meant to be.....but I really want to run States!

Here is to fighting the funk, to getting some sleep, and to adjustments. Keep on running, I know I will.

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