Thursday, December 1, 2011


My place is close to this awesome Beer Garden/Pub. It serves some great food and has a pretty awesome beer selection. I think I go there about once a week. What can I say, I like the place and it is close. Last night I headed over there and met my cousin whom I haven't seen in a few years. Ever so often we contact each other and check in and than time goes by and than next thing I know she is calling me to see how things are going. 

Wednesday night at the Beer Garden is Flip for your Dinner. Basically the waitress flips a coin heads you pay, tails it is on the house. Last night we WON!!!! Free FOOD!!!! We only had to pay for our drinks. How awesome is that. The food is fantastic and not expensive. I can drink two beers and enjoy a pulled pork sandwich with fries for under $20. Not bad I think.

It has a huge outdoor seating area, pool tables, I think Foosball and NFL all day on Sunday. It's a neat place and I know I will be back for sure.

My cousin and I caught up for a good 3 hours just talking and enjoy each other company. My cousin is really easy going and full of life and when she walks into a room you (I) can feel her awesome energy. We picked up right where we left off. I hadn't seen her in at least 2 years. The last time I saw her I was training for my first 50 miler. Seems ages ago.

It was awesome to catch up and I really can't wait for the next time we get together. It is nice to get out every now and than for me and with my hectic schedule it makes it even harder to see any of my friends or family.

Today I actually slept in and enjoyed a relaxing morning just lounging around with no particular schedule. After lounging for a few hours I treated Traildog to a quick 10 mile run along the parkway. I think I exhausted him because as soon as we came home he is sound asleep on his bed right next to me.

The run for me was awesome. My leg turnover is getting quicker and I can feel my motivation coming back. I know I haven't logged anything longer then 12 miles but it is down time for me and I am recharging my batteries. I will say this, I can't wait to hit the trails with my friends once all this crazy retail holiday season slows down.

I think it was smart of me to take a few months off and just focus on the basic and run what I wanted. I have had a few high mileage weeks which is great and I can feel that spark coming back and the twinkle in my eye is shinning. Running is great for me and I am very lucky that I found it with the help of my friends.

I am patiently waiting for December 10th to come. The LOTTERY is slowly approaching and I can't wait to find out. I am looking forward to my race schedule next year and I know that there will be a 100 miler on the docket!

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