Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guilted into Running

Have you ever had one of those days when you get home and you just aren't feeling it. You really don't want to go for a run. The couch looks so inviting. Yup, that was me yesterday. Wednesday after work when I came home I really wasn't feeling my run. I was tired, my stomach was growling and I was so hungry that I felt sick. My legs were tired and I really just wanted to put my legs up and relax.

But I didn't. Lil Traildog wouldn't let me. He sat down in front of me and wagged his little tale and than would sit in front of his leash wagging his tale. He really wanted to go for his run. Talk about pressure. So I did what any good parent would do, I ate something, changed my clothes and laced up my shoes grabbed his leash and off we went. We ended up doing 6 miles.

What I really wanted to do was a recovery run. A very nice and easy run, but Traildog being the little spite fire that he is pushed the pace and I did whatever I could to keep up. This run wasn't going to be easy. Traildog pushed me and pushed me. He was having the time of his life. He loves being out and running and enjoys his daily runs with me.

Of course I was happy that Traildog pushed me to get out the door and happy that he pushed the pace. I do believe that he has the running bug and that makes me happy. I always enjoy when we get back how quickly he goes and lays down. He is usually out the rest of the day/evening. Sleeping soundly and I am sure dreaming of next big adventure with his mom.

I was guilted into running, but I am glad we went out. It has been tough on him ever since we moved out as he doesn't have someone home with him all the time and running gives him the exercise he needs and gives us some quality time together. I have to keep him happy and he keeps me happy!

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