Thursday, December 22, 2011

Double Down Wednesday

Double down Wednesday was actually a lot of fun. The first run was a quick 6 miler with Traildog. I love Traildog so much, he keeps me honest as all I really wanted to do was come home from work and sit on the couch with my legs up as my days this week have been stressful. But he knew the right thing for me us was to hit the trails and enjoy the cool mid day sun on our faces and the light breeze on our backs.

That is what we did we headed out and I can't believe how well my legs have been responding. The legs are feeling strong, the tight hamstrings I have been having trouble with are feeling a lot better. I would like to chalk that up to the dedicated foam rolling I have been doing before and after my runs along with some light stretching. It is working as the hamstrings are feeling free once again and my form is coming back.

My legs are feeling good the leg turnover is there and you know what else I was enjoying the run. My mind was free and clear for once. All the chaos and craziness that happens at work this time of year was gone. It was peaceful and just what I needed to recharge to get through the final two days of mad crazy holiday shopping.

After our awesome 6 mile run I called up Coach Nikon and we decided to hit the trails for a nice 5 mile run before the Fleet Feet Ultra Training Group had there workout. Sadly I am not apart of that great group this year as my work schedule really wasn't able to work around it. I really wish I was still apart of that group as I have learned so much and the friendships I have made will always be.

I decided to leave Traildog home for this run, as I didn't want to push his body. But I will say, he really wanted to come and it broke my heart to leave him home in a nice warm cozy house. I ran to Karen's Bakery which was about 1.27 miles and hooked up with Coach Nikon. We caught up on our lives as we hadn't really spent anytime together in awhile. He told me about his "movie drama" at work as he put it. And as I listened to his story it totally was a scene from a gangster movie. I laughed so hard that is until I saw the Pigeons.

We were running across the bridge and I was near the outside and I looked up and literally inches away from face were 2 huge Pigeons. I immediately jumped across the narrow path and almost threw Coach Nikon into the pigeons. I think I almost jumped the barrier, but I didn't. Coach Nikon just started laughing uncontrollable and both of us thought of our good friend Trailmomma. Ohh how I miss running with her. I just had  a Trailmomma moment!

We continued on our run, all the while I was on the lookout for the 2 Pigeons to come and attack me at any moment. At the start of this run my legs felt a bit heavy but they soon loosened up and we hit a nice stride and soon we were turning around. On the return we talked about upcoming races as I haven't really put my 2012 plan together. Or I should say I haven't written it down, I think I know what I want to do but I am not positive.

Back at Karen's Bakery I waited around and said to Hi to some of the runner group and of course everyone asked where Traildog was. Next time I will bring him. As they started their run I headed home as our paths were going the same way. I peeled off at my left hand turn and ended up with 13.5 miles for the day in my first of many Double Down Wednesday's.

With my work schedule I have to find a way to get the miles in when I can and doubling up on work outs one day a week is the plan. Plus I get a chance to run with someone as I don't run much with my friends. Again that darn work schedule. Thanks Coach Nikon for a great run and I hope that we can continue to Double Down on Wednesday.

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  1. THAT is hilarious! I would have jumped the bridge entirely! HA

    We had a bird stuck in our entry way by the front door (on the outside). Vans went to get the mail and didn't see it and it dive bombed his HEAD! He comes back in and is like "thank GOD you didn't go get the mail!" hahha the bird was STILL there it couldn't get out. I was so freaked.

    Glad you're really getting into the groove again. I miss running with you and AB too!