Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Came and Santa Went

Christmas for me is very hectic, well I am sure that it is very busy for everyone. For me this year I was working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Luckily our family get together wasn't until mid day on Christmas day. Since I was working both those days I asked my boss for the day after Christmas off. It only made sense and seemed fair or else I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this Holiday. He said yes, which meant I would be able to see my little nephews open their presents and see their excitement and also see the meltdowns followed by more excitement and more meltdowns. But it was totally worth it.

Christmas day I headed over to my sister house with Traildog so that we could spend a little time together plus I wanted Lil Man to open his present and enjoy it as we wouldn't be able to take it with us. He was very excited when I arrived and immediately asked me if he could open the biggest present. I of course said yes, but first I told him I had a special surprise. His excitement was building and I could feel his anxiousness. I told him that Santa Claus came to my house and dropped off a present for him. He became very excited at this point and ran around the house literally in circles because he was overjoyed. Santa not only came to his house but my house as well!

He looked at me and said "He came through the front door, right?" Yup, that is correct he came through the door as I don't have a chimney and Lil Man had remembered that conversation and my fear that Santa would skip my house. But he didn't. He showed up with presents in hand. Lil Man opened his "gift from Santa" and wanted to watch it right away. Lil Man had received The Smurfs movie. you see when I let Lil Man one time watch t.v. in my room the smurfs were on and ever since than when he asks to watch t.v. in my room he always wants to watch the smurfs. How did Santa know????

After that he opened his biggest present of all.......a little tike's basketball hoop. I immediately went to work putting it together, I only had to take it apart once as I put it together wrong. We took it outside and Lil Man showed me his Michael Jordan moves......I think he liked it!

He couldn't wait to open his present!

His shirt is right for the present!

Look he is dunking it already!

Check out that air!

The best one yet!

Next we all piled into the car and headed up to Vacaville to celebrate with my other sister and my nephew Q. When we arrived I told Q that Santa had come to my house and dropped off a present for him. When Q heard this he was so excited that he jumped up and down clapping his hands and than he ran in a circle he was so excited. Santa thought that since my sister was very neat and organized and doesn't like messes that playdo would be the best thing for Q. He was super excited while my sister may not have been. Santa Loves you! hehehe......

Q gift from Santa

I think he is happy!

Q also received some Cars toys from the movie as he is really into it now. I believe that Cars the movie was his first movie that he actually sat down for the entire show. Both nephews loved their gifts from their Meme and best of all I enjoyed being with them and my family.

just chillaxin!

ahh mom and son!

I ended being up for 22 hours before I went to bed. Would I do it again? You bet, as seeing them so excited over their Santa gifts and running around and screaming because of their excitement was worth it. Christmas was all about the nephews and being with my family and playing pass the phone around! I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I almost forgot about the music we made!

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