Thursday, December 8, 2011

Catching Up

I have been without Internet for the past week. It actually wasn't that bad....umm what am I kidding. I totally missed on keeping up with some of my favorite blogs not to mention facebook. But I am back and in full operation plus it is wireless now, so much better, I am a happy little trail runner now.

I have been running, Traildog has been running. In fact this brisk morning we completed 14 miles on the trails and pavement near the lake. When I started this morning I actually had no plan on what I was going to do, no fuel and no water, but there is water fountains through out the run so I wasn't too worried about it.

Traildog started us off on a mad dash and I did everything I could to keep up, I looked down at my Garmin and noticed I was running sub 8:00 minute miles. I guess all this running with Traildog has really increased my pace. The crazy and fast runs I mean the tempo runs Traildog makes me do have really increased my speed. It felt really comfortable and my legs felt great. So great in fact that I just kept going past the 3 mile turn around, so great that I kept going past the 5 mile turn around. But once I hit the 7 mile mark in 1:03 I knew I should head back in. Not for my case but for Traildog as I didn't want him to have a serious bonk, plus this is the furthest he has run since the 12.3 around the lake a few weeks ago.

On the return my legs were still feeling great, but I knew I needed to slow the pace down for Traildogs sake. He was locked on my heel, his gaze was telling me that he needed a little break. After his little break of a slower pace he increased his speed and we took off. We arrived at the 14 mile mark in 2:07. I was pretty excited because I felt like I could have kept going and my legs didn't feel stiff. Traildog looked tired and after I feed him again, he immediately went and layed down and he is still sleeping 4 hours later. Such a good boy. Glad I was able to get the miles which brings my weekly mileage up to 25 miles with three more days to go!!!!

Saturday is the LOTTERY for Western States. I am super excited about heading up to Placerville to be there. I have instructions from Coach Nikon to text him with names of our running friends who get in and especially to text him if he gets in or I get in.

Lots going on, work has been super busy, but I haven't let that slow me down. I am more focused than ever. I am also eating a lot more which I think is a good thing. I eat a bagel for breakfast, a few hours later I have been eating a Turkey sandwich, a few hours after that a snack like goldfish or an apple, than it is dinner time. I am glad that I have finally figured out how to get food in me while being at work. All though sometimes I am eating the sandwich that I find myself walking and eating. But at least it is fuel, to get me through my long days.

Looking forward to the Lottery this weekend and my last weekend off until January. Ohh how I will miss two days off in a row. But I will find a way to get my runs in as Traildog expects me too.


  1. When are you going up? What time is the lottery? Early morning?

    So happy you are getting runs in and enjoying your new place!

  2. nice post!
    You really had a great experience.