Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lil Man and Traildog Together Again....For a bit at Least

Yesterday I was off. I enjoyed a quick 6 mile run in the chilly morning, than I started and finished my Christmas shopping and I even wrapped the presents. Next it was time for "Meme time!" with Lil Man, my best bud. Of course Traildog was invited to come along as Lil Man has really missed him. This is how the phone conversation went on Monday:

Me: You want me to bring Traildog?
Lil Man: YEAH!!!! Make sure you bring his harness, his collar and his leash!
Me: OK, I wont forget......Only I did forget something and he noticed!

Traildog, minutes before we were leaving. I don't think he was ready!

Being a good boy in the car!

I can't believe he is telling me what I need to pack for Traildog, how cute! Anyways off Toby and I went to enjoy some Lil Man time. I arrived early and let Toby play in the backyard while I unloaded the car with the presents. What a neat surprise I hope.

Ramsie enjoying her bone, Lil Man thought she managed to get into a Christmas present and told her she was suppose to wait for Christmas! He is all about the rules.

Traildog even got in on that bone action.

Lil Man found his present, I wonder what it could be?

It has been awhile since I have watched Lil Man and boy have I forgotten how slow time can go. Now don't get me wrong, I love my nephew, and I even had the entire hour planned out, I just didn't realize how quickly we would blow through the activities.

First up it was time to play with Traildog out side. We threw his ball and Lil Man wanted to play with his ball. So we bounced it back and forth until he thought it would be great idea to get as close as he could and hit me with it.

Look at Traildog go, he even ran 6 miles earlier that day! Full of energy and life.

Then it was time for some more ball with Traildog and he also needed to mow the yard. He grabbed his lawn mower and cruised around the yard. He is a good worker.

Mowing the yard!

He is a good helper

After all that work it was time for hot chocolate mile with marshmallows! He loves this special treat and it is an expectation anytime it is Meme time. I think it is our special thing, even though I don't drink milk. He even received extra marshmallows, but please don't tell mom.

He had been waiting for this all day!

Big smile, I think he got some chocolate milk on his fingers

Next, we headed back out side where he told me he had to get to work. His job he told me is he fixes things. He loaded up his jeep, with this super long PVC pipe and drove around the yard to his work. After successfully parking and avoiding damaging anything with the rather large load he was ready to fix the pipe. Together we fixed the pipe and put it in place. It was a tough job and somebody had to do it. After a tough job it was time for a break and a rest on the lawn chair.

Driving his load to "work"

Very serious when he is driving

While he rested for a bit I played with Traildog. All this activity we did within the first 15 minutes. But never fear, I had a plan. Afterwards we headed back inside to run around the house with Traildog and than we enjoyed a short show. During this time span he looked at Traildog and yelled out "Meme! Traildog doesn't have his collar! I told you to bring it." Yes, Lil Man was right, I left it at home. Sorry Lil Man, you did tell me to bring it.

Hanging with Traildog

 It was great to visit with Lil Man and enjoy some special Meme time. In two weeks we have another day planned, but this time he is coming over to my new place. Guess I need to buy some chocolate milk for him. Thanks Lil Man for a great afternoon, it really made my day!

Traildog had a great visit and I can't wait for Lil Man to come visit us!

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