Friday, November 4, 2011

Special Day With Lil Man

I return to work tomorrow after a nice 4 day break. Yes, it wasn't long, but it was long enough to hopefully recharge my batteries and get me ready to power through 4th quarter and the busiest time of the year for us retail workers.

I have enjoyed some great runs on the pavement that have really sparked my drive and enthusiasm. Now if I miss a run I feel like something is missing and just overall not the same.

Today I enjoyed a great morning watching Lil Man. He actually woke up early which meant we could start our day of adventure together, but first I had to get both of us ready and breakfast in our tummies. It didn't take long for that and we were out the door to his favorite store. Target of all places. He enjoyed playing with the toys and helping me fill the hand basket and than he races me to the check out lanes. He always wins....he is that fast.

Today he also enjoyed a very special treat. A kids hot chocolate from Starbucks, which he ordered himself and even started spelling his name for the Barista. Of course it was too hot for him and he once again stepped up and waited in line and asked very nicely and sweetly for some ice to cool his drink down. He noticed that I was waiting for my coffee to cool down so he kindly placed in ice cube in my coffee so that we could get back to looking at the toys.

Lil Man enjoying his special treat!

After our little treat we decided to get some things for lunch. We ended leaving with some broccoli and some hamburger meat for hamburgers. Once home he was eager to help me get lunch ready, but first he needed his chip snack I promised him. After his chip snack he was all business and helped by supervisor the patty making process and the cutting up of the broccoli. He also sang at the top of his lungs.....steaming the broccoli......It was pretty cute. While I prepared the meat he went to his room with Traildog and had a concert for him.

He has been very helpful with keeping his toys picked up and he also had some very good listening skills. I am really going to miss these special moments when I move out. Tucking the covers back on him before I leave for work, his special bond with Traildog and his special bond with me, hearing him call my name as soon as he comes in the house, or even busting up in my room because he is excited to tell me about his day.

I know Lil Man is very excited to move into my room, but I am not 100% sure if he understands what is about to happen. I wont be around all the time, he wont see me every day, I wont see him every day. It is going to be a huge change in both of our lives. I know though that I we will still have special moments and when they do happen they will be that much more special. I promise!

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