Saturday, May 22, 2010

All alone!

This morning as I was getting ready for my long run of the week the phone rang and it was trailmomma. She was sick and wouldn't be able to make it. Totally understand, but now I was going to run 20 miles all by myself. Not that I couldn't do it, I just didn't want to be alone on  a long run. I had gotten so use to running with friends. But what else could I do but continue on my way. Wait a minute I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start with what happened from last night to hitting the road this morning. It is amazing I even went out today.
Last night I went to Coach Nikon's house and got a massage from his wife Yoda. My body definitely needed it, my hamstrings were tight, my back was killing me, and my shoulder was screaming at me all week. It was so bad I could barely hold it up and than there is my neck it was tight. It has been so tight that on some of my runs it spasms out and I can't move my neck. Yoda worked her magic once again and got me back into form. Thank You so much.
Because of such the early start time this morning I decided I should head out and get some rest. I drove my usual way home, turned onto Madison and maybe went a block when all I could see were brake lights for miles. Yup, a driver license check. All I wanted to do was go home and get some sleep. All three lanes were stopped and there did not seem to be any progress. I was not going to wait to here for hours, I took the next right turn I could and detoured myself around the check point. Luckily I know my way around this area and could do it. I was so glad to be home and to be in bed.
Alarm went off and I thought "What is that, I know it's not time to get up." It was, Toby wasn't thrilled either. that alarm came to quickly it seemed.

"Really!? It's to early. I want to sleep"

 As I was getting ready I was looking for my socks, I couldn't find any. Great, how can I run without my running socks? Not a great start. I did remember I kept a extra pair in my back pack and grabbed them. Guess I need to do some laundry. My phone rang and it was trailmomma saying she couldn't make it, she was too sick. Ohh Man....20 miles by myself? I understood because next weekend we have the 32 mile training run on the Western States trails and we both need to be healthy. Because I got in late last night (10 pm is late) I didn't have my bag ready with clothes, shoes, socks, hat, bottles, gels nothing. So now I was trying to get that put together, when I remembered did I charge my Garmin? Nope it wasn't charged it was at 45% probably not enough to get through this run. I quickly plugged it into my computer in hopes it will charge to at least 75% or so. Now I am scrambling around the house, I almost talked myself into going back to bed because it just didn't seem to be my day. But I didn't I grabbed everything I needed and headed out.

Empty parking lot, just me and the chickens!

I arrived at the Sunrise Bridge put on my pack grabbed my water bottle, adjusted my watch which was charged enough and started out. I went maybe .5 when I realized I didn't have my IPod. Really!!!! It was back at the car. I tossed around the idea of getting it, than not, but ultimately decided upon going back and getting it. It was going to be a long run without something to distract me besides my thoughts. Now that I have everything I headed back out. It was pretty chilly to start but I knew it was going to warm up so I didn't wear any sleeves. Good Call on my part, it did warm up.
Overall my run was solid, my thoughts stayed positive, and I kept a steady pace. I just pushed forward enjoying nature and being alone. I was actually feeling really good once I warmed up and increased my pace which was great mentally. I knew I could hold it. I just kept watching the miles go by and pretty soon it was time to turn around. Yes small victory!!! 10 miles completed only 10 more to go. I took in a Gu a S-cap and pushed on. At 14.5 I needed to stop and stretch my hamstrings after stretching I felt much better.
At this point I broke my run down into check points. I just told myself, about 2.5 to Hazel and than 3 to the car at Sunrise. I can run 2.5 no problem. It worked because I was once again in high spirits. I made it to Hazel and crossed over and now 3 to the end. 3 piece of cake I do that all the time. Only problem was another runner decided to use me to pace them along as well. Usually I am all for it, but today I wasn't feeling it. Actually I should be thanking this runner because it just encouraged me to go a bit harder and push myself that much harder. So I did, I dropped the runner. Yeah! Another small victory. But with 1.5 miles to go I heard the familiar footsteps of that runner. What???? No way, I picked it up again and when I could I looked over my shoulder and saw...Nothing....Maybe I just imagined that runner this time but hey it worked it propelled me to keep the pace. I hit the foot bridge, and what would come on my Ipod, but a nice tempo song. That helped a ton, each beat I took a step, pretty soon I was up that hill and at my final mark of 20 miles. It took me 3:20 to complete. I was excited about that time and my body feels great. I stretched it out and drank my recovery drink ate a banana and drove home with the entire afternoon and most of the morning left.
At the start I wasn't exactly thrilled about doing it alone. In the end I think it made me stronger and I had to push myself. I did miss trailmomma and Coach Nikon's company out there though don't get me wrong. But like Yoda said "you are a ultra runner, you can do 20 by yourself" and I did. I stayed positive and enjoyed the run. Next weekend is the 32 miler and my plan of attack is to take it at a steady pace with trailmomma. Just to complete it is all I am looking for in this run, and also great company along the way.

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  1. I am sooooooo bummed I missed out on Saturday. Ask Vans, he was like "you're sick! You can't run! Get over it!" because I kept looking longingly at the door, my shoes, my hydration pack. Sigh. I spent a lot of time in bed on Saturday which is RARE for me. I never nap, sit still, do nothing.
    Still not 100% yet unfortunately but I am trying!!!! I don't want to miss out on Saturday's Western States run either!!