Friday, May 14, 2010

This week was a very challenging week for me. I am staying at my brothers this week and he lives 1/2 mile from the American river bike trail. Which is great, I don't have to drive anywhere, I don't have to run through the neighborhoods and it is something new which is always exciting, but I also had some tough runs which than put some doubts in my head.

The first time I went out I ran to Rio cut through the school and picked up the trail and headed left. I was it seemed in a world all to myself, I had some good music on, felt energized and ready to tackle my demons. My demons being the flat section of the trail, one in which during AR50 I wanted to stop. On I went not really paying attention but feeling really good. I thought I was going to tackle my demon today, but it didn't happen, there was a detour which took me through the neighborhood for 2 miles and than to William Pond for a mile around that and I turned around and headed home. I did have some flash backs at the Pond, which I think gave me some energy because I flew home.

I didn't tackle my demon that day, but one day I will and that day was the next only this time I went right and headed towards watt ave. This run I started out feeling really good, legs felt strong, energy was high and I left the music at home. Just me and the flat road. It was funny, I don't really remember this until I came upon the bridge and everything came flying back from race day. The pain, the negative thoughts everything. But the flat section is really all in my head. The more I run it the better I can get, right??? Thats what I think. My turn around point came and my legs were strong, my head was in the right spot and I was overall feeling great. Let me just say that once I finished this run, I had ran faster than I did the before. Yes!!! Maybe I can defeat the flat.

I went out again, but this time I felt really off. My legs felt like they were full of lead, I was having serious doubts about even doing this run. Why?? I don't know, I don't know where it all came from. During this run I had to stop often to stretch, my hamstings were tight, my calfs were killing me, and to top it off I hadn't been sleeping very well. I have been waking up with some serious back pain. I carried on and ran or shuffled and even walked. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It was not my day. But that is how it goes sometimes.

The only thing I was looking forward to was my massage with Lily. She works magic and should be called Yoda! I have been going to her since I started training for AR50 and everytime she finds my trouble spots without me saying a word. She worked on my calfs right way, my IT band my back which had no give was like a stiff board and than she moved onto my right shoulder. I knew something was off with it I was having trouble picking my arm up but I didn't realize how bad off I was. She worked her magic on my neck and I am so glad I went to see her. Thank you for giving me call. I had no clue how broken my body was. I don't even remember when I stopped listening to my body. Maybe that is why I had such a terrible run the other day. She worked her magic and after she finished I was feeling 20 pounds lighter. I could move my neck, raise my arm without pain and I slept pretty good and woke up with no back pain. Thank you for fixing me and getting me back to form.

With being fixed I went out today for a easy 6 mile run. Just to see where my body was. Overall it was a much better run than what I had the other day. I know for training I need to start doing some hill work, speed work and keep up the quality miles. I will be doing the Western States Training run day one of 32 miles in two weeks. Looking forward to it. A bit nervous but trailmomma is going to be there and it will be great day and I found out Captain Kirk will also be doing this run.

While I haven't been home, my nephew has missed me. I stopped by the other day and he came running to me yelling "my meme, my meme." That just melts my heart. We went for a walk around the block and he rode his tri cycle and than decided he wanted to run with Meme and ditched the bike for a short run. Starting him young. Toby is staying with me but I couldn't resist. As you can see he has taken over the chair. I am sure I was sitting in it before him and he took it from me.

Looking forward to the long run this weekend. Trailmomma you will be missed, but can't wait to hear about your weekend.

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  1. Awe thanks. Cute pic!
    It is great living near the American River bike trail but it does get old. I am handle the flats and the first part of AR because I live that course daily! I took a nice few days off from running.