Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meme Time!!!!

The other day I promised my nephew he could have some Meme (my nickname ) time. I don't know who was more excited me or him, but I am betting it was both of us. You see, he and my sister and her husband had just gotten back from Maui -yes I was jealous- and I hadn't spent any thime with him in over a week.
I wanted to make it a special day, but he actually melted my heart as soon as I got home from work and I walked in the door. He came running to me yelling "meme time, meme time", and gave me huge hug. All my worries from work that night quickly faded and I was in a better place.
He woke up early knowing it was our special day, ate his breakfast and was dressed and ready to go. he immediatly asked me "Meme park?" I couldn't resist and said "O.K." I paked a snack, his choose of course cheez its and milk (who wouldn't want that as a snack) and we drove over to the park. We played and played and played, he ran up the stairs and I watched as he dropped his race car down the slide and than he would race after it. We played for well over an hour. I even went down the slide with him few times. What can I say sometimes I am a kid at heart, and who goes to the park without going down the slide? What kind of auntie would I be if I didn't? Right???

After the park we headed home and played some more outside with the dogs. I have a Lab/Border Collie mix and he has a Beagal. We enjoyed running around with the dogs, playing with the chickens, and he rode his new bike around. We even had a great surprise, Uncle Michael stopped by. By 10 a.m. he was beat he went down for nap and slept for 2 hours straight. Mission accomplished, I had special time with my nephew and he played so hard that he had a great nap. What more could I ask for in day. Maybe some sleep as I have been up for 24 hrs now and had to go back to work soon. My sister got home and I crashed for a much needed few hours.

I had a great time my nephew and can't wait for the next "Meme time" with him. It really started my week off great.


  1. Woot woot! Glad to see you on the blogosphere!

    Looking for to some Meme time Saturday too, although I call it Pigeon time! :-)

    Wait. You PLAY with chickens? We're no longer friends! :-)

  2. T.M.- ohh no I don't play with chickens they run after me so I stay as far away as I can.

    Looking forward to Saturday! It's going to be a great run!!!!