Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twin Rocks = Poison Oak

Today I met up with Trailmomma and Coach Nikon at Peets coffee for our long run. I pulled into the parking lot only to see that they were both already there and I was 20 min. early. Go Figure!!! We carpooled to Twin Rocks and since we were all early birds today decided to start our 18 mile run in the poison oak infested area. I mean it was everywhere!!!
Trailmomma took the lead (thank you) and set a nice steady pace. Last weekend on our long run I rolled my ankle a few times so today it was giving me some trouble so I was OK with not leading out. We were cruising along catching up with Coach when we came across this view which stopped us dead in our tracks. The water was high much higher than I have ever seen it. What a gorgeous view on a gorgeous day!!!!

We continued on our way with Trailmomma still in the lead when all of a sudden we came across a bunny on trail. It was just sitting there, while Trailmomma "played" with the bunny I was thinking to myself "where is the mountain lion" and I must have said it out loud because both Coach and I quickly scan above us looking for the mountain lion. Good thing was we didn't see the mountain lion, but what easy prey if there was one. Finally the little rabbit decided to move off the trail so we could pass.

We continued on our way dodging and weaving and squeezing past all the massive amounts of poison oak. It was so bad that I was making up dance moves to get through it and I don't dance. At one point though my left shoe came untied and I saw trailmomma side step this way than side step that way and I was thinking "interesting" only to discover that she was side stepping the neck high poison oak on the right and the poison oak on the left. Well, I wasn't as lucky as her. I ended up stepping on my left shoe string with my right foot which caused all forward motion to stop and just as I am about to hit the poison oak with my head I fall back and my left arm rolls in the poison oak on my left. I am not a happy camper...stupid shoe lace.....which by the way came untied twice out there today but never during AR50. Hopefully I am lucky and don't get it, but I nailed that oak good.

As the miles came and went the heat came and stayed. It warmed up very quickly out there. Coach Nikon had to turn around at rattlesnake and trailmomma and I continued on. We turned around at 9 miles and headed back in. I took in a GU about this time (Tri-Berry) because my legs were feeling a sluggish and I also took 2 Tylenol because my ankle was screaming at me. I took the lead on the return trip and set a pretty good pace. I started to feel achy in my legs and thought "wish I had a salt tab." Good thing about running with Trailmomma was she had one for me. Thank You definitely needed it because soon after my legs were feeling better. (Note to self buy salt tab and body glide.)

We were cruising along the trail dodging poison oak when all of sudden I jumped straight up and I mean like 10 feet vertical jump in the air and I quickly turned around and pushed trailmomma back wards. Right in the middle of the trial was a squirrel. I didn't know if it was alive or dead when I first saw it. It scared me which caused us both to laugh. It ended up being dead (I don't think I like the front) and we continued on our way. We did take one wrong turn out there, but later agreed we wanted extra hill work. We realized our mistake and turned around and headed in the correct direction. Not only did we see a bunny, the numerous butterflies that like to attack me :) and a squirrel but we came across a mountain biker and a horse than more horses. Talk about staying alert.

All in all we had a great 18 mile run, I do think trailmomma is little jealous of my watch that sings at me when we hit 18 and also at the half way. It was challenging on the return trip especially the last 3 for me that is, but we made it back in one piece. We never did see any of the Folsom Trail Runners like we thought we would, but we did see at the trail head the trail turtles.

The sun took alot out of me and is a cause for concern especially with Sierra Nevada Double in September, but I am hoping that with the proper training in the heat and the right clothing I can complete it.


  1. I AM jealous. I can't seem to find that "feature" on my garmin at all!!!

    No poison oak yet? I am itchy but knock on wood, all is well so far . . .

    Fun run!! I can't wait for the next one. And I am always prepared! We must stick together during the WS training run! gulp!

  2. Same here on the no poison oak!!! Lucky I would say.

    For sure on the western states, but I think I am the one who will be trying to keep up with you...speedy!!!! Looking forward to it.