Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Four Amigos!!!!

This week I have been staying at my brothers and his wife's place and watching there 3 kids, Max, Jack, and Moose. All 3 are very special and have the sweetest hearts. Max who is the oldest likes to randomly bark for no apparent reason, Jack "the protector" was always by my side and ready if at a moments notice to protect me (I slept pretty good knowing this) and Moose "the kid" he is, well, mischievous. He has a look that just melts your heart. While watching the 3 kids my kid Toby was able to come along. They all 4 had a great time. Toby and Moose just played and played and played and than they would crash. Maybe a little to much fun.....I will get to that



Toby and Moose

Toby and Moose very quickly became the best of buds, Toby would follow Moose around the house wherever he went. A couple of times when I came back from a errand the entire toy basket would be empty and there would be 20 or so toys all over the house and later I would find the stuffing that goes inside some of the toys. All 4 boys though loved me and what ever room I was in they would be in. I mean every room, bedroom me and 4 dogs, bathroom me and 4 dogs, living me and 4 dogs, laundry room me and 4 dogs, stairs me and 4 dogs which I might add is not very safe. One time Moose knocked me over and I almost came crashing down the stairs but luckily I fell into the dog beds instead.

This morning I woke up later than usual 7:25, I know slept in didn't I. I took my time in the morning had some coffee, took care of the boys, watched some t.v. and than I decided hmmmm I should go for a run. I am feeling up to it why not. So I did. I went out and ran 13 miles. When I first started the run I just told myself run and if I feel good keep going. I felt great, my pace steady, legs were strong, mind was strong, and all of this was after yesterdays 15 mile run. During this run I finally had to tell myself to turn around and head back home. It was a great morning for a run.
Once a I got home all 4 boys were waiting for me excitedly, you would have thought that I was gone all day instead of 1hr and 52 min. I walked in and immediately let the boys out. I turned around and almost cried.

This is what I saw.

My book which I left on the coffee table was totally destroyed. I hadn't even finished it. It was a present and signed by Dick Beardsley. Staying the Course: A runners Toughest Race. Yup the dogs destroyed it. I mean destroyed it to the point I couldn't salvage any of it.

Moose "I didn't do it, I swear!"

It says To Melisa, don't ever give up on your hopes and dreams to great success! Hope you enjoy "Staying the Course."
(Moose seemed like the guilty party.)

I guess it was my fault. I was warned not to leave things in his reach. I mean I hadn't finished it, I had maybe 30-40 pages left and those were the pages that were shredded the floor.
Other than the book, the boys were great. They all argued over who was going to sleep next to me, which Toby won because he would weasel his way and than get over protective. Jack and Moose would eventually get their way and lay on top of that would be 95 lbs of Moose and 105 lbs of Jack, let me just say I couldn't move. Than while this was happening Toby would jump on me and lick my face. Good Times, so much love those boys have to give. It was a exciting week for Toby and I enjoyed spending the time with all the boys. It was great being so close to the bike trail, it made running much easier and enjoyable even if it was the first section of AR50 which I believe I have gotten better at after today's performance. Toby is home resting after a long week and my nephew "Lil man" was very excited when we both came walking in. He came running to me kissed me and yelled "My Toby, my Toby." Lil Man than took Toby out side and "walked" him around the back yard (basically he pulled Toby by the collar) and Toby was O.K. with that. What a great few days off and a great welcome home from the family. It's good to back with a welcome like that!!!!


  1. Bummer about the book. That sucks but those pictures are adorable. What fun roommates! :-)

    I guess we need to figure out where to run this weekend and how far. 20? 24? It might be a tough one for me since I've taken some time off or maybe it'll be just right. Either way, the earlier we can start the better, as usual.

  2. I have seen Toby walk the "lil man" around fair putting all the blame on "lil man" and for the record - he asked,"where meme at" several times during the week! Nice story by the way - made me laugh.