Thursday, May 20, 2010

What A Day!

Today was a busy day at the Pigeon household. This morning I made plans to meet up with my brother for some coffee and to catch up. He had just returned from  the Grand Cayman Islands.

Wish I was there!

After coffee it was time to run. I did 4 miles today, nothing to hard (I was having some tightness in my chest for some odd reason) and at a nice steady pace. Toby came with me and he had a blast.

       Can I come? pleaaaasssseeee?

Lets Go! I am Ready!

After the run it was time to get ready for Meme Time with my nephew. I have been looking forward to this all day, which is way I planned my run for earlier and also took last night off from work so I wouldn't be a zombie. We played in the back yard for a bit, and then he had this great idea to go around the block, only I would be pulling him in his wagon. Off we went around the block.

He is ready to go, with his Chocolate Milk (special surprise treat) and my water.

Around the block we went, we did stop for about 5 min. at his favorite spot and watched all the cars and bicycles go over the speed bump. Second special treat was he got to go over the speed bump twice in his wagon. 

Checking out the speed bump while enjoying his chocolate milk.

After the walk around the block he wanted to go to Target to check out the toddler toys. "OK" I said not exactly thrilled about this adventure, but hey what ever you want it is Meme time and that means fun. As we drove to Target he changed his mind and wanted to go the bookstore. (Yes) At the bookstore he immediately went to Thomas the Train play set and played for about a hour so. I had a hard time getting him away from it.

Train + McQueen= FUN

I was able to talk him away from the train set and we picked out two books each. He picked out Curious George at the Beach and a Lighting McQueen book. While we were at the bookstore I noticed a set of keys just laying around. I asked the lady standing near them if they were hers, "No" she replied and than Lil Man and I returned them in to a sales associate. The sales associate came back to us a few minutes later and she said "Just as I was turning them in up front, a lady on the phone was asking about a missing set of keys." I guess I found them in time, but I am curios how she left with out them? Something to think about.

After the book store we headed home and I warmed up dinner. Lil Man wanted to be a Big Man and eat like Meme does. That is in a chair at the table, not his toddler chair. We enjoyed some rice and chicken with carrots. He ate every last bit of food on his plate, he was hungry from our great adventures today.

"I'm hungry"

After dinner it was time for our evening walk, this time we went to the park instead of around the neighborhood. I had a lot fun going down the slide with him and watching him run around.

"Enjoying the view"

Now he is off to bed and I hope he sleeps well. What a great day from morning to the end.

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  1. ahh - love the pics. Meme time is great!