Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back with the Group!!!

Tonight I met up the Fleet Feet group for a 10 mile run. I have been looking forward to this every since Captain Kirk sent out the email a few days ago. The past few days I have had no motivation whats so ever to run. I did manage to get in a 1 mile runt to the park and back on Monday with my sister and Lil man. But other than that nothing. I keep telling myself my body needed a rest, maybe it did because tonight's run felt really good.
I had forgotten how long it takes to get out to Folsom battling with traffic. But I made it with plenty of time to spare. A few of the ultra group members were there, Captain Kirk, Wonder Woman, Coach Nikon, Trailmomma, Hawaii Mark, and Coach Dan and 2 newbies came out to join us for a nice 10 mile run with some tempo in the middle. It was great to see everyone and the energy was high!!!!
The group decided upon a out and back. The front group took off, and I would have thought they were racing but they are just that fast. Captain Kirk opted for bike ride tonight he is battling a injury. Captain Kirk, missed you out there but glad you got a ride in. I found myself running with trailmomma and newbie #1. We ran a nice steady (fast) pace which felt really good and trailmomma told me about her time in Tahoe this past weekend. Out there we did see a ton and I mean a ton bike riders even though it did rain on us. It seems that trailmomma had a sign on her saying "please aim for me and than move at the last possible second!!" because every bike wanted to take her out. She did have a bright green shirt on so I don't understand why they didn't see her and, we were talking loud enough! Ohh well, it gave me a good laugh.
As we hit 4.5 or so we saw the boys in the front group flying back. We also saw Wonder Woman and both trailmomma and I decided we should try and catch her. She wasn't that far ahead, but she did look really strong. The entire time we were "chasing" down Wonder Woman we both were laughing and thinking "OK once we catch her we wont be able to hang because we will be spent." and "I hope she doesn't start her tempo before we catch her." I would charge ahead and than trailmomma would charge ahead and we even talked about not catching her but than the competitive drive in both of us fueled us to push on. Trailmomma surged ahead and caught Wonder Woman and I wasn't to far behind. We did it , we caught Wonder Woman. One thing I did know was I was a little spent from catching her but it was a lot of fun.
We ran in and kept a pretty steady tempo, but at one point I faded back a little and was going to let them go when trailmomma looked back at me and smiled and that was all I needed. It gave me that extra little surge I needed to hang with them the rest of the way in. It was great being out there with everyone again and I am looking forward to more runs like this. I am very excited about the training group which starts up in June with Fleet Feet. I know that with this group and the expert coaching I will be able to achieve the Sierra Nevada Double Marathon in September, but first my sights are set on Tahoe Rim Trail 50k in July. Great Run everyone!!!

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  1. I don't understand why my comments to you this week were so strange and why you kept telling me no or giving me a hard for even stating "maybe your body is telling something". Anyhoo - glad you enjoyed your run!