Friday, May 7, 2010

New Running Partner

During the week I try and get some solid runs in. It is tough though after running on the weekends with running buddies to find the motivation to run/train. Top it off to a very long mentally draining week at work and it is even tougher. I think I have found the answer a new running buddy!!!!

I tried running with my buddy a few months ago but he would quickly fall off pace and the rain was to much for him. He is stronger now and I thought we could give it a try again. So yesterday I decided upon a 5 mile course around the neighborhood, you know just a easy run. He started off way to fast practically forcing me to keep up with him. I kept telling him that "it is all about pace and not to go out to fast." He didn't listen just kept running. So I did what I thought was best I kept up and forced myself to run faster even though I didn't want to. I was glad I did because it was fun jockeying for the lead.

At about mile 4 he started fading fast. He had his head down and his eyes were just fixed on my legs. I slowed the pace down seeing this, kept saying "You can do it!" and "Nice and easy, almost home." I was till feeling really strong, the legs felt great, mentally I felt fresh and I was having a blast especially since I had a new running buddy.

We ran through a park and next thing I new my running buddy just took off on me. I was little dumbfounded. I called his name, he didn't slow down, he did look back to see if I was still coming. I had to sprint to him to catch up, caught up with him and looked at him and said "why did you take off like that?" Nothing just a tail wag and a lick on the face. Yup my new running buddy is Toby. Check him out.

He did great and had a great time. Toby will be a year old next month.

I enjoyed the company and the best part was he was completely knocked out for the rest of the evening. After the run while relaxing and enjoying some sun in the back yard my sister yells to me "You have a package." Yes!!!! It is finally here and just in time for this weekends long run. My box of Tri-Berry flavored GU. Woohhooo!!!! I tried this flavor last weekend on the 16 mile run out at Brown's Ravine and really enjoyed it. Hopefully that hasn't changed.....Can't wait to meet up with trailmomma and A.B. it is going to be a blast.

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