Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost There!

This morning Coach Nikon and I meet up at the Auburn Dam Overlook for a little 20 mile run. We are both training for Tahoe Rim Trail in July, but Coach Nikon is actually gearing up for the Wildest Run in the West in August. The time was 7:00 a.m. and I was just pulling into the parking lot, I hit some traffic in Roseville. I quickly put my gear on and used the restroom, good thing I did and off we went. The plan was to hit Cardiac on the way back up. Thank goodness for that, because let me tell you that is one tough climb.

It was a gorgeous day, and the temperature was just right for our run. I was feeling really stiff and tight and I woke up with a kink in my neck and my legs were feeling little sluggish, but I wasn’t going to let that slow me down. O.K. I lied, it did slow me down and was very noticeably out on the trail. This trail is very run able and you can get a good flow only I couldn’t find my flow which makes for a long a run, but I powered on determined to do it.

Bottom of dam hill, beginning of single track

It has been awhile since the last time I ran from the overlook to rattlesnake (AR50 in April). The trail was defiantly different it was overgrown and the weeds kept untying my shoe strings. The weeds just jumped out and grabbed my ankles and tripped me up the entire time. At some points the trail was almost gone, but that is trail running.

Ummm, where is the trail

The trail pretty much parallels the river and the river was high, much higher and very calm.
Water was very calm, glass like

I was hoping that they Tylenol I took before leaving the house would kick, but I don’t think it did. Coach Nikon was gone and I couldn’t keep up with him. So I just ran and took pictures and ran some more and at one point the weeds were up to shoulders and yes the weeds were grabbing at my shoes still. They never did trip me up though (ohh wait yes they did, more on that later)

Tight sqeeze

After running through weeds I rounded a corner and it was clear, yes!! Thank you to whoever cleared the trail.

Trail again

This is a great trail; you have shade there is sun, a bridge crossing a instant photo shoot…..

Work It
Great hand placement


We both stopped to refresh by the water and also to do a little modeling. What do you think? JC Catalog material?????

After Mormon Bridge I started to chuckle to myself. I came upon a Pond.

Can anyone tell me which Pond this is?


Trailmomma that was for you. We missed you today.

At this point we were close to our turn around. And was I ever so happy to see it. I was really enjoying the run and free time and being one with nature. I could hear the birds and see the river.

What more could I ask for

 Beware of this guy out on the trails, I think it was Coach Nikon evil Twin brother…..

Do Not Approach

Evil Twin Brother

Running with Coach Nikon is always fun and entertaining.

After the evil twin sighting I headed back, only 10 to go plus Cardiac. The return trip was painful all my aches were screaming at me, my quads felt dead but I pushed on. Coach Nikon would run ahead and than run back until he saw me and run ahead. I was doing my best and he motivated and encouraged me which was great.

We finished off the single and started up the road a bit when I desperately needed something….

One Up!!!! I just called for a one up…..It worked because I feeling great and we only had a few miles back to the overlook. Cardiac was fast approaching and I have heard a lot about this. Just think in September I get to run/hike up and than also hike/run it down on my return trip for the Sierra Nevada Double. Can I say Fun!!! Cardiac starts at 496 ft and we hiked/run to 1,280 ft in 1 mile. Overlook elevation is 1,339

I was pointing at Cardic. Steep!

Coach Nikon

View behind me.

As we were hiking we kept yelling out “Almost there” drawing out the there part. Yes I know probably not funny reading it but in the moment it was great. Almost Theeeereeeeee!

More catalog

Cardiac is everything and more I have heard. It reminds me of devils thumb with all the switch backs, Coach Nikon reminded me and I totally agree with him. It is also a great training hill I wonder how running down it well be for me? At the top there is an awesome view.

The river is below and we had to hike/run up this hill.

I think the worst thing about this run is running next to the canal. Don’t get me wrong it is great, but it just takes forever to get back in. It seemed like we ran along the canal for hours when it wasn’t or maybe I was just really tired. But finally I emerged onto the paved road and the cars at the overlook. Yeah!!!

It wouldn’t be a true overlook without the traditional canal dip. I grabbed our towels and both Coach Nikon and I headed to the canal. He was in lead and unfortunately for my readers I don’t have a picture but I fell walking down to the canal. I was going down a little incline and just slipped, without warning. Coach Nikon in true form asked for the camera but it was back in the car. My first official fall, or maybe that shouldn’t count since the run over? It turned out to be a great and challenging run for me today, but I enjoyed it and finished it with a smile on my face.


Elevation Gain: 2,385 ft

Elevation Loss: 2,399 ft

Min Elevation: 467 ft

Max Elevation: 1,359 ft

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  1. I didn't get a chance to read this until now. I am cracking up hysterically at my desk right now over the descriptions AND the JC Penny catalog photos. Freaking Hilarious!!!

    Um, and yeah, by the look of that trail, I will NOT be running out there anytime soon with that overgrowth. No way jose!

    Cardiac is killer yes but I really liked running along that canal stretch although that was the start of my race not the finish! :-)

    I love that I get to "run with you" on these trails w/o really running HA!