Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hanging with the Family!

It has been a crazy week. From the long hours at work to having hard time sleeping, but a few things that kept me going were running and the number 1 thing was hanging with the family. It also seems that family time is short these days. When I get home from work in the morning if I am lucky I get a quick hug as Lil Man is heading out the door to pre-school or grandma and papa house. When I get up most of the time Lil Man has just gone down for his afternoon nap and by the time he wakes up I am heading out the door for a run or he is heading out for swim lessons or gym time. Once I get back from a run he is getting ready for bed while I am getting ready for work and the entire process starts over again.What makes it even more frustrating is the days when I don't see him at all and sometimes that could be a few days. Really, we live in the same house. But when I do get to spend some real time with him it is memorable, for instance he likes milk and marshmallows, because I had hot chocolate and marshmallows one day. He usually gets a special treat and that could be marshmallows, to chocolate milk, to a new book. We usually do something different every time and it is alot of fun.
This past Sunday I had just gotten home from a tough 9 mile run and the family was heading out to visit my sister and her family in Vacaville and do a little swimming. I quickly changed and off we went. Great thing was I was off that night so I could enjoy the time without stressing about when I was going to get a cat nap in. The weather was perfect for swimming and the water felt really good on my sore legs which were sore from all the downhill running Coach Nikon and I did on Saturday.

It was great to spend some down time just hanging out with my sisters and nephews.

After swimming for a bit, it was time for the boys to go down for a nap. In fact Lil Man demanded that he take a nap. Yes, you read that correct. He tells us when he is ready for a nap. My sister put him down and told him he would have to take his nap without his pacifier. It got left back at home. He of course told his mom "Go home." Smart little boy. Solution was solved because his cousin had a spare. After a little bit my sister went and checked on him and found him in a peculiar situation. He was stuck in his baby chair that he somehow found.

No worries, he is having a blast, check out that smile.

He was able to squeeze himself in the chair and he was enjoying every last moment. Only he was stuck. My sister had to carry him down the stairs and out to the patio where it took three adults to get him out and of course one auntie taking pictures. I couldn't resist.

Help, I am stuck

All was well, and we all got a great laugh out of it. I can't wait until he his bigger to show him the pictures.

I enjoyed myself, was able to soothe my sore muscles and I enjoyed a few adult beverages. Life is good!


Of course though after a great long weekend it was back to grind at work. But luckily it was a short week only 3 nights. But those 3 nights were long. Which also means I didn't see Lil Man that much, but I do have a great Saturday planned for us. The two of us are going to a birthday party. Yeah!!!

So far this week I have logged 20 miles which is great and I even made it out to cheer on trailmomma and Miss P. who were both racing in the Folsom Trail Series out at Negro Bar. They did great and I can' t wait to read trailmomma's report. I saw them at the start, at the top of bluff and than on the return trip at the bike trail and the road crossing at the finish. It was fun popping up on the course and cheering on the runners.
Tomorrow I am heading out with Coach Nikon and we are running 20 miles from the overlook via cardiac bypass down to rattlesnake and back. Going to be great run and my first look at Cardiac. I have heard so much about it.

Sometimes I wonder who's dog Toby is. Toby is very Loyal to both us and sometimes it just depends upon who is sleeping.

Toby and Lil Man cute!

It just melted my heart seeing this and everything from the week earlier just vanished. Thanks Lil Man for reminding me. Things are looking up!


  1. OMG those pictures are PRECIOUS!! How cute do they look sleeping together!!!!

    Balacing family, running and work is a job in itself. You do it nicely.

    Enjoy your run today!!! Think of me! HA I'd be the one complaining! :-)

  2. I think Toby may favor Bradyn a little bit - you know Bradyn is more likely to leave something Yummy in Toby's reach.