Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

On Sunday, after the 28 miles on Saturday on the Western States Trail my Lil Man wanted to show me how he could swim. We put our swim suits on and headed over the gyms pool. He was very excited to show me what he had learned in swim lessons over the past 12 weeks give or take.

Lil Man waiting patiently to get in the water.

There he goes under the water!

All smiles as he reached the steps! What a good little swimmer.

I am relaxing with Lil Man in the water, my quads were killing me. I did get in the spa a few times to loosen up my muscles.

There he goes heading back out to mom. I was little shocked when I first saw him go under. I told my sister later that maybe she should have prepped me for what I was about to see. He did great and I sent him encouragement along the way!

Lil Man very excited to have reached mom. There were moments of crying but he overcame those and once another little boy showed up he was more into swimming than when he first started.

He showed me he could back float as well. Now I don't know about anyone else but when I was his age I don't think I knew half the things he does. He is a smart boy.

Still having fun. Thanks Lil Man for the swim. It was great. After the swim I did manage to get out and do 3 miles as a recovery run or shuffle.

On Sunday we were invited over to my brothers house for Moose's birthday party.

Happy Birthday Moose!!! Toby came along to celebrate.

He even sported the hat. O.K. just for the picture.

Jack and Max helped celebrate Moose's first birthday!

Moose and Toby were so happy to be playing together. They played and played and also ate some chips off the table. All the dogs partook in bratwurst and birthday cake. Spoiled???? Noooo....

After birthday cake the boys went out back and played some more and the grown ups went and played ping pong. A great time had by all.

"hey Toby? You want to play tag?" Toby "O.K. Moose"

After playing for hours the boys took a little rest.

We are so tired...happy birthday Moose.

Even Max helped Moose celebrate, that is Max enjoyed being around the adults.

A exhausted Moose after a long day of playing and eating.

Back home, Toby completed knocked out from today's birthday party.

It was a great day, glad the entire family could be come and celebrate Moose's birthday and more glad to watch the boys play together. I did take Monday off from running. I was hobbling around pretty good. My entire body was sore, today I did already run 6 miles. It felt really good to be running again, even though I took only 1 day off. I get really stir crazy if I don't run, just ask my family. Looking forward to more birthday celebrations and more swimming accomplishments.


  1. I love love love the photos!!! Lil Man is too cute and I love that Moose had a party and Toby sported the hat!

  2. I love the pics - thanks for going swimming with us!