Monday, June 7, 2010

Late Start filled with Mistakes

This past weekend was my last few days of vacation before returning to nights. I had planned on running (or course), but I didn't have anyone to run with and I also didn't know how far I was going to go. Since I didn't have any running buddies this weekend I didn't give myself a time frame on when to start the run. Mistake number 1 because on Saturday it ended up being about 90 degrees out and extremely humid. I ended up getting a late start, I woke up and had some coffee and some oatmeal. I was starving which I seem to be all the time. Played with Lil Man and than got myself ready to head out. Mistake number 2 and 3, Ipod was not charged and my Garmin yet again wasn't charged. I had to wait a little bit longer. By now it was going on 7:30 and usually I am already running by now, but not this past Saturday. Now that everything was charged I was ready to go. I headed out to my usually spot and started the run. I didn't know how far I was going to go and I would let my body know when it was time to turn around. So I ran and I ran. I saw some friends out that day and ran back in with them maybe a 1 mile or so and than I was alone again. It was quickly getting warm and I was frying out there in the open sun. I hit mile 8 and saw a water fountain and soaked my hat. I had to do that a couple of times just to stay a little cool. I ended up turning around at mile 10 so that means I was doing 20 miles. I had 2 GUs on me and I took them both because I was feeling a little low. Mistake number 4 was I didn't have a S-cap. They were back in the car and my caffs were quickly becoming tight, probably because of the heat and all of the running I have done this week and also still recovering from last Saturday. Ohh well nothing I could do but continue on my way. And that is just what I did. I made it back to my car in 3hours and 10 min. that is 10 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago when I ran 20. Yes!!!!.
Mistake number 5, no cold water at the car to drink, mistake number 6 no recovery drink, but I did have a Cliff bar in my stash so I ate that while stretching and changing shoes. ohh yeah and mistake number 7 I didn't put any sunscreen on so my arms were a little burnt by the end of that run. I think though with all of that I might have learned something for the next time. Right.....One would hope so.
Overall I was excited that I am getting faster and stronger and I enjoyed the run even though it was lonely out there. After getting home and cleaning up Lil Man wanted play with me. So he brought me his train set and we made a tiny hill for him to enjoy while I relaxed for a bit.
"Meme play trains?"

After trains he showed me his watch, but it is not just any watch it is his running watch. He ran around the house for me asking me to run with him. So I did.

Here he is showing me cars running watch. He took it off before he could eat because he didn't want to get it dirty. After playing with trains we all went to the pool to relax, I went in the spa for a bit to relax and than jumped in the pool, immediate ice bath. Such relief.
Saturday night I spent the night at my brothers and Toby had a play date with cousin moose. Toby and Moose were very excited to play. And play they did. I don't think I got any sleep that night. Max and Jack were just excited to have some other dog around to entertain Moose.

Toby and Moose immediately playing. They wore me out just watching them. It seemed what ever toy Toby had Moose wanted and the same with goes for Moose. What ever toy Moose had Toby wanted. They emptied the toy box in a few minutes and there were toys everywhere.

jack is enjoying not being bothered by Moose and Toby is having a blast.

Max was very happy to see me.

Even though Moose is much bigger than Toby he plays very gently with him. He knows he is bigger but he wont let Toby forget it.
After a restless night of no sleep, I got ready for another run. Yes just like yesterday I didn't get a early start. Mistake number 1 late start at 9. I only ran 6 miles just as a little recovery. It was again hot, mistake number 2 no sun screen, and mistake number 3, no cold water back at the car. I guess I didn't learn my lesson. Maybe next time for sure. Overall the week was great, I enjoyed not having to be in a time crunch and just being able to run whenever I felt like. If I could do it all over again I am sure I wouldn't have changed a thing.

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