Thursday, June 3, 2010

What to Do?

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't find the motivation or maybe I just really needed a break this morning. So, that is exactly what I did. I took a break and actually enjoyed my morning. I didn't inhale my coffee or breakfast so I could be ready for my run by a certain time. I didn't change out of my PJ's. What I did do was relax and enjoy the morning. It was 6:00 am and I am on vacation. I enjoyed my coffee, I enjoyed watching Lil Man get ready for pre-school, and I enjoyed Toby who seems to always have to be touching me when he is near by. After everyone left the house and it was just me and dogs I got ancy. What to do? I started cleaning, I vacuumed, which included moving the furniture around and the chairs in the kitchen, I made Lil Mans bed and cleaned Lil Mans room, and than I washed some clothes and folded it all. If that wasn't enough I decided to Mop and Glow the wood floors. After all that it wasn't even 11 yet. I still had the entire day. After cleaning I found Toby sleeping on his bed or should I say falling of his bed.
    "I am so tired mommy"

  "It's been a rough day"

By now I really didn't want to go run, I decided I would head out there early this afternoon and get 6 miles in before the group run started in hopes of maybe getting 10 miles total in for the day. I spent the afternoon reading. I have finished 2 books in the past 2 weeks and I am on my 3rd book with maybe half to go. Luckily while I was at the bookstore I picked up 2 books to get me through the week. Right now I am reading a book about the Vietnam war. It is called Medic! and is a story of a conscientious objector in the war. Meaning he wouldn't carry a gun or kill. Pretty interesting. I could barely put it down when it was time to leave for my run.
Like I said earlier I headed out early to get a little run by myself. I started out fairly strong but on the way back in the negative thoughts started creeping into my head and I found myself thinking a lot about work. Why? I don't know I am on vacation maybe it had something to do with the text from work on Sunday night late. I don't know. I tried to refocus but found it hard, and than all of a sudden up on the trail I see Captain Nikon. That lifted my spirits tremendously. He was heading out and I had 2.5 to the end. He decided to run back with me and we would re-fuel and hydrate and than go back out. Running with Captain Nikon is like a breath of fresh air. His energy is contagious and he is always smiling. I was feeling more positive and even managed to pick my pace up.
Back at the car we both ate a Cliff bar and I took in a GU and drank some water. I mentioned to him that I thought trailmomma was running in the Folsom Trail Series at Negro bar. We decided we would run over there and support trailmomma. We just barely made to Negro Bar and found trailmomma and wished her luck. (To be honest after feeling the energy of the event I wanted to run it also.) Trailmomma you Rock!!!
We told trailmomma we would see at the top of bluffs. And that is just what we did Coach Nikon and Miss P. and I ran to the bluffs found a good spot and cheered on the racers. Trailmomma came through and we yelled as loud as we could for her. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw us or heard us. I think everyone appreciated it. We continued on our run and waited at the finish for her to come in. When we saw her she was running with her pacer from AR50 but at the time we didn't know. We were yelling at her telling her to kick it, push her with an elbow, finish strong!!!! Spectators turned around and looked at us funny I didn't care though. Trailmomma did great especially for just having completed the epic 28 on Saturday. She finished with a smile. As we were waiting for trailmomma, Coach Nikon and I started being ridiculous and moving to the music. Remember I don't dance, but we were moving to some music. I think trailmomma got a kick out of it. Great race Trailmomma, you rocked it out there.
The 3 of us headed back to our cars and wished Miss P. good luck on her race on Saturday up in Auburn. Our run ended up being a little over 5 miles. Not bad. When I got home Toby came running to me and than Lil Man came running to me also. I noticed he had his watch on. A couple of days ago he was obsessing about his cars watch which grandma and papa had. They found it for him and when he got him the other day he put his cars watch on and said really proud "I go running" Just like meme!!!! Tonight I asked him if he went running? He said "nooo." very upset with himself. He saw my watch and said "meme run." Than out of nowhere he stops "playing" his game and says "I go running now" and the next thing I knew he was running around the house. It was a very cute moment. I think he is my biggest fan.
Today didn't start off very strong for me but by the end of day I am feeling much better and more positive. Great 11.5 miles tonight and glad we stopped and cheered for trailmomma.

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  1. You both totally made my night out there last night!! It gave me SUCH the boost I needed. I am draaaggggginnng. I don't know how you do it. Maybe you get more sleep than me? ha! I think EVERYONE gets more sleep than I do! I can barely walk up my stairs, my legs are still dead. I am resting them until Sunday. I'm such a whimp. :-)

    I LOVE Vietnam stories, I would love to read that book after you . . . I have a stack to go through right now so no rush! See you soon I hope!!!!!