Monday, June 21, 2010

Solo Birthday Party

Saturday was here and it was time for “Meme time!!!” Lil Man and I had a birthday party to go to. This would be my first birthday party where I was completely in charge of Lil Man. In charge of everything from making sure he ate, had sunscreen on, went to the bathroom, and was safe in the pool. Whew, I was a little nervous but confident because he is such a easy going kid. Before we went to the party we had to go get a birthday present, talk about not planning and rushing around to get things done. I even managed to squeeze in a short 3 mile run.

Once we picked out the birthday present and we were leaving I realized that we had more than a birthday present. He had a new piggy bank, because he broke his, he had a new Toy Story toy and a paddle ball. I think I spoiled him a little bit. But that is what Aunties are for.
We arrived at the party and he was very excited. We immediately went into the blow up slide. Let me tell you it was hard to get him out. He had a blast running around, swimming, sliding, and playing with the other kids. He was the first kid in the pool and the last one out.
"I can do it all by myself."

Up and down for hours!

He laughed the entire time!

Good Times!

All in all we both had a great time, he didn’t come home sunburned, and he ate some lunch and of course enjoyed cake. He listened to me and we only had incident where he cried. He got hit in the face with a foot and came running to me and I scooped him up not caring that I was getting soaking wet. I calmed him by kissing and making it better and he was back in the action.
His new friend

He even made time for bubbles.

His first Tetor Totor Ride!

We came home and he was completely exhausted and so was I running around after him for him 3.5 hrs. He took a nap, and when he woke up he put his shoes on and came to my room and asked “Meme, can we go back?” That is how much fun he had he wanted to go back and play.

Happy, even though we had to leave!

Sunday came and I was still really tired and not really feeling a run, but I knew I needed to do something. My friend had called me the night before which was a great thing because we ended up running 15 miles. You know what, the 15 miles went really well. I was holding a incredible pace which I didn’t think I could. I am so glad my friend called and coaxed me out to run because I don’t think I would have run that much. It’s definitely interesting how things turn out. I am glad I only did 3 on Saturday I guess maybe my body was telling me to take a rest day.
 My next event is 4 weeks out and I am looking forward to it. Coach Nikon and I have been training together and we plan on either doing something hard and fast, or intervals, or hill repeats on Friday. Trying to get our legs stronger for all the climbing we will be doing in Tahoe.

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  1. What an awesome looking party!!! I want a big slide thing like that! HA

    Doing Pennsylvania hill repeats? Wish I could join you! Har har . . . I'll be thinking of you though during my 13.1 miles on pavement on Saturday . . . supposed to be a chilly 70 degrees too! HA

    Wow, cannot believe Tahoe is only 4 weeks away!