Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back with the Fleet!

This week my routines are back in place. I didn't realize how much I enjoy having a set time to run and to be able to run with others is great in any weather. Tuesday and Thursdays the Fleet Feet crew is out in Folsom for a short run on the bike path. This past Tuesday, a lot of the familiar faces were there along with some new faces. Great!!!! My quads are still tender, but that hasn't stopped me from putting on the miles this week. I have been doing double runs the past few days. It has been alot of fun just waking up and walking out the front door and just running. Who cares that my quads are screaming at me that just pushes me harder.
Tuesday night Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman were there and we talked about how Day 2 of Western States Training Runs went. Captain Kirk is a all-star in my book. He did both days.

Captain Kirk at AR50

As Coach Dan gave the intro I was listening some but not really, when all of a sudden I heard 20 out and 20 back. That caught my attention, because while I have been training with trailmomma we would talk in miles. So my first thought after I caught my breath was 20 miles out and 20 miles back. No way.....What he had actually said was 20 mins. out and 20 mins back. O.K. I can do that. More manageable. After the quick intro we took off, I found myself in the lead but that didn't last long, as soon as the first downhill came the front pack took off on me. I eventually found a steady rhythm that felt comfortable and continued trucking. I ended up running by myself, but that was fine. I did see the fleet feet members and when I did I would focus on small goals to get me back in. The runners became my goals for me to reach and that ended up being alot of fun for me. Isn't that what running was all about? Making it fun. Overall that run felt great. My legs are still hurting but they are slowly each day getting better with less and less pain.
Wednesday Captain Kirk held a trail run meet up out at Cavitt Middle School. There were some familiar faces, Hawaii Mark made it out and than there were some first timers to trail running. Captain Kirk had marked the course with hot pink ribbons which was great because you couldn't get lost and you could go as far as you wanted. I ended up running the 3.5 to the turn around and back. I ran with Hawaii Mark for a bit and we talked about the weekend run he did Day 2 of the Western States. Overall being back on the trails again was great for me mentally and also running with the Crew again was a huge bonus. I can't wait for the official training group to start up later this month. Check out their training page. Fleet Feet Trail Training.

Overall I enjoyed this run, unfortunately I didn't have my camera. I wish I did because the water is so high out there. It is maybe 10 ft. from the fire road. the last time I was out on the fire road it was soooo far away. We did run into 2 horses and some walkers and a ton of horse manure but that is the joy in trail running all the different things you see and avoid like poison oak which is still in abundance out there. It was a great 7 miles even Captain Kirk mentioned how well my running has come along since I first started back in October of 2009. At the end of the run Captain Kirk had water bottles for us.


Back on the home front a few days ago was "Meme time" with Lil Man. Toby loves Lil Man, he gets upset when Lil Man takes a nap and he will sit at Lil Mans door waiting and whining for him to come out and play. But that morning I found Toby in Lil mans bed.

Usually Lil man has a hard time in the morning but not that morning as you can see he is laughing and ready for the day the began. Which was a great day. We spent it playing, and of course Lil Mans favorite activity, reading.

"Meme read?"

This week has flown by and I go back to work Sunday night, but I am glad that some of my routine that I became accustomed to is back in place with the Fleet Feet Crew. Looking forward to another great run tonight and also seeing familiar faces. I can't believe that this week I have already logged 24 miles and soon I for this year I will reach 1000 miles.

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  1. Great job and sorry I missed the group. Now way I was out there Tuesday, I could barely walk. Not to mention I have to get the Peanut. Wednesdays are out, Vans has mountain biking and Thursdays I have my races . .. looks like I won't be chillin with the old group much. :-(

    Maybe we can run on Saturday the 12th depending on how far you go . . . I am looking to do 10 to 15. Probably over near Nimbus . . .