Saturday, June 12, 2010

Forresthill Elementary School to Drivers Flat

Today Coach Nikon and I ran from Forresthill elementary school to drivers flat for a total of 18 miles or so. This run was little tricky because we both had to drive and since it was a point to point we had to leave one car at drivers flat and than car pool up to the school. Our meet up time was 7 a.m. I arrived at the starbucks just before the Forrest hill bridge and parked between a truck and a car. I was 20 min. early so as I was getting settled to rest a bit when I noticed that this guy was standing at my window. It was Coach Nikon I had parked next to his truck and didn't even realize it. He got a kick out of that. Off we went up the hill to drop my car off. We ended up getting to the school and started running about 7:20 in the morning. It was a good thing we did because it felt like it was going to be warmer than the day before. Before we started I took in a GU, I didn't want to make the same mistake I made yesterday by not eating enough and I also drank water the day before all day so I would be well hydrated.
To get to Ruck A Chucky it is about 15 miles of down hill descent with a few "small" up hill climbs. The first 3 miles I was sort of stiff and we both could tell, but soon enough I started to loosen up and was running much better, or maybe the Tylenol kicked in. I don't know but what ever it was I was running pretty fluidly. Coach Nikon stoped running to point out where we would be running to. Just over that ridge and around the corner. No biggy right!

He is way out in front

 I still wasn't to sure where we were headed only that at Ruck A Chucky I would be getting in the river as a tradition. That is all I kept thinking about making it to the river. Only as I ran the river messes with me. At some points I can hear it so I think I must be getting close only to find out around the next bend I am climbing and seem to be getting further from it. But that is how trail running works. I just kept running along.
The river that played with my mind all day!
Enjoying the view!

Ruck A Chucky 12.2

Coach Nikon did warn me that we would be doing some climbing, I was more concerned about blowing out my quads on the downs. As we cresteted over the climb all I hear is Coach Nikon whopping like he does. I wasn't sure why until I saw this massive descent. Here he stopped to take a photo of me coming down and I blew past him. I had put caution to the wind and pretty much sprinted down this steep, rocky, leafy hill and I enjoyed every minute of it. I surely made up some time here and the great thing was my quads held up fine.

The Climb
Taking the lead!
All smiles at the bottom!

Once at the bottom the climbing started again. but it was more runnable for me. We passed a little stream and cooled off and wet our legs to try and get some of the oak off we had just run through. It was all over the trail. Than we came upon a huge climb. It is called 6 minute hill. Why? I don't know. My mouth dropped open, but I just kept pushing on. Coach Nikon is a killer at the hills.
The begining of the 6 min. hill.
Me climbing the 6 min. hill.

Coach Nikon killing me on the hill. He Rocks!

After climbing the 6 minute hill we came upon the sign. Ruck A Chucky 4.9 miles to go. It seemed like we had already put in enough miles to be there already but we hadn't, and to top it off we were once again on top of a ridge that much further from the river.

Just around the corner.

But the next 4.9 miiles were pretty much all down hill with a ton of switch backs. My quads were still holding up, but I could notice them during this part. At one point once I had reached the bottom the river is probably 5-10 ft away and it is just teasing me. We had to run through some high weeds that hide the trail from us and also we had to try to avoid the weeds that were sharp. Both of our legs were itchying like crazy after running through them.

Coach Nikon in the lead, I can hardly see him!

We started to run up on a fire road, really once again running up away from the river, this is never going to end. Coach Nikon pointed out to me where Ruck A Chucky was and it seemed like it was soooo far away. Maybe 2 miles.

"You Coming?"

The rapids in the distance!

What we already ran through!

After running up and down on the fire road we had finally arrived at Ruck A Chuck and not a moment to soon. I was burning up and I was also just about out of water. Good thing we only had 3 miles left.

Heading to Ruck A Chucky

Coach Nikon cooling off

Me I finally made it!

I really am Happy

Ruck A Chucky! What the entire run was about.
Maybe I shouldn't have left my camera behind.

We both soaked in the river which felt really good but also caused our legs to become stiff and it was painful to have to start running again.

Once we were both done cooling off in the water it was time to start the long climb out. I don't know which was worse AR50 dam road or this. This hill/road never ended. I was out of water by now.

Just keep hiking

Finally we had hiked/run and found the gravel road. Yeah!!! Not really, we still had to hike the gravel road out which was up still.

Almost there, right?

Victory was near, the gravel road turned into a paved road and we could see the car on the way on the other side.

Caution! Butt Ahead!!!

How wrong, I can see the car but it is a way's away!

We did it. Overall the run had everything I needed for a great training run. Hills, descents, heat, lizards, everything. It was a great run and I am so glad that I was able to enjoy it with Coach Nikon.

I think he is Happy!

Check out the elevation
Elevation Gain: 3,222 ft

Elevation Loss: 4,650 ft

Min Elevation: 723 ft

Max Elevation: 3,281 ft


  1. Man, I am bummed I missed that one! What a great run . . . although I could probably have done without the itchy legs and poison oak! HA

    Those descents looks pretty brutal . . . my knees hurt reading it!

  2. For the record every picture in this post is not me, it's my ugly evil twin from Bizarro World. He locked me in a closet to go on the run in my place. I later broke free.

    His true name is his given Apache Indian name "Hands on Hips When Picture Taken". He can be recognized by his inability to shave before runs his very hairy armpits and his inabilty to look normal in photos.

    Be aware if he shows up again in my place.