Friday, July 2, 2010

15 miles = 16 Horses

Today was my long run of the week. Usually Coach Nikon comes out with me and we will run it together but today he couldn’t make it. Off I went to Cavitt to hit the trails. I was really hoping that today’s run would be different from all of my previous runs this week which by the way were extremely tough due to the heat and most likely improper hydration. But more on that in a bit.

I was really not looking forward to this run, but I did it anyways and found quit a few surprises along the trails. (One being a down Pigeon again.) Of course once I got there and laced up my brand new trail shoes I was feeling better about this run mentally and physically. I hit the fire road and quickly noticed that my right hamstring which had been giving me a lot grief lately was feeling fine. My legs felt like they were back to normal. I was on the fire road for maybe 1.5 miles when I came across a deer. I was so close that when I bounded away I could feel the earth move. I cruised through the 2 miles of fire road. I was for the most part by myself besides all the folks out on the river living it up with BBQ’s and beers and boats. Not me I was running.

I hit the single track and quickly ran into a pair of horses. I trailed them for a bit because they started trotting and I inhaled their dust. I lost them but quickly caught up to them again and I noticed they were off to one side, I looked further down the trail and coming towards me were 3 more horses. I allowed them pass and again I was behind the original pair of horses who again were trotting which means more dust for me. They ended up splitting off onto one of the side trails and I was alone again dust free.

As I was running along the single track it was like a little light went off in my head. I know why I have been feeling so crappy. One I haven’t been drinking enough water. Yes, I drink plenty of water at night at work, but when I thought about it more by the time I leave work I am drenched and burning up. This means I need twice as much water now. I am hot all night sometime I break out in little heat rashes on my legs because of this. Interesting little find.

After my light bulb moment I came upon the horse stables and needed to go pee. Yes, maybe I drank enough water last night and this morning. Only time will tell. While there I took in a Gu and also decided upon a S-cap. If I have been sweating this much at work and on my runs I am sure my body would need this salt. My legs at this point were still feeling really good and they weren’t sluggish. I wanted to be proactive on this run which is why I took in a Gu. Yes it was only 3 miles in but I also knew I didn’t eat that much for dinner or for breakfast. Opps.

Now that I was fueled; off I went towards twin rocks. Along the way I again had to stop and allow more horses to pass. 2 more horses went by. I was thinking to myself how many more horses will there be? After successfully making it through twin with no trips I was feeling more confident. My legs were feeling strong and I was really enjoying this run. But of course while running through twin rocks I had to pull to the side to let another horse by and not far behind that horse was another pair of horses. So far 1 deer, 10 horses and than a herd of geese were on the trail. This was by a huge rock. As I approached they ran down the rock and jumped into the water. Glad trailmomma wasn’t with me.

I hit my turn around and here I refueled. I took in another Gu and also another s-cap. I turned around and headed back. By this point the weather was heating up and it was getting pretty warm. The section of trail I was on wasn’t covered so there was no relief from the heat. I also had more climbing to do on the way back.

small portion of the climb

I set a pretty good pace and as I was about to hit a downhill section I noticed some noises from behind. I quickly looked and immediately stepped off trail. A runner came flying by, my first runner and I bet you thought it was a horse. I was glad he came by because it gave me a surge of energy. I was feeling pretty good and I really wanted to spilt my time coming back. I knew it was possible and I wanted to challenge myself today.

Gets pretty small with overgrowth all around

I was almost through twin rocks which if you haven’t been out there has some pretty gnarly technically sections. I was cruising along at this point. I knew the trail pretty well and I always go the same way when the single track opens up and gives you an option on getting through a section. Will this time I decided I didn’t want to go left because I didn’t want to jump off the rock and went right. Just as I am almost through I was thinking to myself “wow that was easier.” Only I didn’t get that thought out of head because I was rolling in the dirt after falling on my hands and knees. My momentum kept me going and I landed in a sitting position. First thought,” Another fall.” Than all of sudden my right hip seized up and I was in some excorticating pain. I couldn’t get it to relax and I thought to myself “I have 5 miles to go.” I repositioned myself and took some of the weight off that side and it relaxed. I am not very happy right now. It wasn’t very technical just a small boulder that tripped up my right foot and caused me to tumble. I am covered in dirt now, more so. I am sticky from the sweat and dirt.

After the fall, I landed sitting after tumbling.

I get up and get moving again. As I round the bend a see another pair of horses. Up to 12 horses. This time seeing the horses allowed me to get my thoughts onto something else. I hiked up the hill as the horses easily trotted; I took in a Gu and just as I crested another pair of horses. 14 now. I know it is a horse trail but I never thought I would see this may horses. And it still wasn’t over. By the end of the run I ran upon 16 horses.

The last 5 miles were a bit tough. My hip was tight from the fall, and I was running low on water. I decided to break the last section up. I told myself 3 miles to the fire road and that is a very easy 3 miles. Nothing hard about it. It worked, I made it to the fire and only had 2 miles left, but at this point I was out of water and the fire road was completely exposed to the sun and it was around 12:45 in the afternoon. I make it back to car and quickly drink my recovery drink that is waiting for me. My how good it tasted. I change my shoes and stretch everything out.
Noticed the tan lines and the dirt that is caked on me?

15 miles today and next week begins my taper before TRT. Probably a good thing considering my last 2 runs solo have ended up with me in the dirt. I am sure that my falls were due to muscle fatigue, dehydration. I haven’t been sleeping much and I have been stressing about my new position at work which starts on Tuesday for roughly 18 weeks. I know that for the upcoming weeks I am going to have a heavy focus on hydration and rest. I will run but not as much. I need my body recover for TRT. Tomorrow I am hitting the trails again with trailmomma and Garmin is even joining us. I told trailmomma to bring her camera because I don’t know what to expect.

Final tally: 1 deer

                16 horses

                1 herd of geese

                1 other trail runner

                1 Pigeon down

                1 trail run I soon won’t be forgetting.

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  1. I didn't get a chance to read this until just now. Man, that's a lot of horses! I would be sneezing up a storm! HA

    Today's run was great. I know you were focused and internally gauging your body. I didn't want intrude but just kept looking behind me to make sure you were there. :-)

    Enjoy the taper kid. You've earned it!

    I can't make Wednesday but if you want to meet at Rio on Thursday for whatever distance, just let me know. I can meet you again.