Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe how quickly both of my nephews are growing up. It seemed just like yesterday that they couldn't crawl and now they both are putting complete sentences together. Take Lil Man for instance.

On Sunday Brent asked Lil man what he wanted for dinner.
-Lil Man replied "eggs!"
-I then tried to explain to Lil man "I don't think we have enough eggs for everyone."
-Lil Man goes on to say "in the refrigerator."
-I said, "There isn't enough for mommy, daddy, you and meme." I can't believe I am trying to rationalize with a two and half year old.
-He then replied "in the chicken cope."
- I chuckled at this and asked him "did you bring some eggs in? I still don't think we have enough."
-He of course was very animated during this entire conversation and proceed to tell me "I picked the eggs with my picking fingers."

I thought it was a great little conversation, he followed along and tried to reason with me. I finally got him to want to spaghetti instead of eggs. I bribed him with sausage. He did enjoy the dinner I made.

This is also the second official week of my remodel at work. As of right now I am about a day and half ahead of schedule which is great because I can never be to sure what the next day will bring. But so far so good. It is exciting and also very stressful. I have never lead a remodel process before but luckily I have some help from another ETL who has completed 2 previous remodels. So far so good. It is pretty cool to see the changes and to know that I had a part in those changes.

With it being week 2 out of 13 I am trying not to let if effect my running routines. So like usual on Tuesday evening I headed out to meet up with trailmomma and we did our usual 6 miles. It is always so much fun running with her, we both get a chance to talk and catch each other up, we get a good quality run in and we also have impromptu photo shoots, bathroom stops, attack of the birds, turkeys on the wrong side of trail, bunnies out to get me. You name it it happens on our runs. I always walk away from our Tuesday runs laughing and remembering how much fun it is to run.

This past Tuesday was no different. I almost didn't make it because I fell asleep and woke up with 20 min to get there. Talk about rushing around, I was driving and I still had sleep lines on my face, and my eyes were watering up for some unknown reason. But I made it with plenty of time to spare. Trailmomma pulls up and off we go. This would be the second run for me without my Garmin. I had decided to run without it and just try to let things go and not worry about time and pace. It is also some great advice I had heard from a good friend.

My body felt much better, maybe that was due to it not being as hot as it usually is. Or maybe because I got a nap in before the run so my body was rested. I defiantly needed that nap, I worked overnight Sunday night and got home around 8:00am Monday morning and had to be back at work at 4:00 am Tuesday day. Talk about quick turn around.

As we were approaching our turn around spot trailmomma needed to stop, so I gladly took her camera and while she was busy I took some photos. She always said she like my self portraits. So that is what I did. Check out her blog to see all the photos we took. trailmomma

After we re-grouped and headed back she informed me that she had a photo session planned for our aid station stop. Really an aid station!!! WOW what luck. The aid station was the water fountain and bathroom we always stop at. She got really creative and we had some interesting poses. Her directory of photography is quite extraordinary. She had me doing poses I never thought I would. It was great but short lived because we had to get back. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. It was great. It is our groups new thing -JC Penny Catalog Pose- Got to love it. I can't wait for Saturday, I am going to be studying the catalogs so I can really shock everyone.

Today I am feeling really excited to be running. Coach Nikon gave me some great advice and I am going to incorporate some solid quality running into me weekly runs. Today I decided I would try it. I ran 6 miles with 1.5 miles being at tempo. Talk about tough. But I managed to hold a 8:30 pace for the mile and half. I am sure as I continue to incorporate quality runs I will be able to sustain the pace for longer. I am also going to be adding some hill repeats. It worked well for AR50 and it will be good to change things up and keep my workouts fresh. Maybe the next time though I decide to have a hard workout I wont do it at 3:30 in the afternoon. Like I said, I was really excited to try a new workout.

So far this week has been very productive, exciting, stressful, sleepless and exhausting. I am actually looking forward to Saturday and sleeping in a bit. I am meeting trailmomma for a early morning run at 6:30am but compared to be waking up at 2:45am and 1:50am that is sleeping in for me.

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