Saturday, July 10, 2010

Changing Things UP

This week I have been trying some new things in preparation for the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k next Saturday. It is also my taper week. One of things I have been being doing differently is drinking more water. I drink water but I am always on the move at my job so I in fact was not drinking enough.
  • I drink 24 oz. in the morning before I leave for work, fill it up drink it at work. I know still not enough but I never seem to be able to get it in. Once I get home, I drink another bottle, and if I run, I bring some water for the run and also a bottle for after the run and once I get home I drink a bottle before going to bed and I have repeated this process all week. It seems to be helping, but I am still waking up thirsty so I some how need to get more water in. Any suggestions? I even flavored the water so I could drink more.
  • I stopped drinking soda this week, only my one cup of coffee in the morning and I most of the time don't even finish it. No caffeine.
  • I am eating better and I make time at work to eat my lunch even if I have to eat it in 5-10 minutes. The one thing I wish I did this week was eat dinner. My schedule has changed at work and I go in at 5 a.m. and pretty soon it will be 4 a.m.
  • S-cap before runs
Those are some of the few changes I have made and I have been feeling better, but I do miss that coke. But it will taste that much better during my race on Saturday.

Earlier in the week I ran 6 miles on Monday with Toby who was a great companion. Overall my body felt 100 times better than it did on Sunday. I took a rest day on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I really wasn't feeling a run but decided to head out and meet the Fleet Feet Crew. Off we went for a nice 6 mile run. Only I wasn't feeling it one bit. My legs were feeling really sluggish and tight. My legs were also swollen. Around 1.5 miles I decided to turn around. But before I did another runner offered me a s-cap which I took and Captain Kirk suggested wearing compression socks once I got home from work. Wonder woman was kind enough to turn around with me. We both ran back in and I was OK with a 3 mile run, I mean it was my taper week.
Thursday I changed things up, I took Captain Kirk's suggestion and put on my compression socks as soon as I got home from work and picking up my nephew at pre-school. It was special meme day! He was so excited when he saw me, he came running to me before they could verify who I was. We drove home and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. I had plans to meet trailmomma at Rio and do a 10 mile run. I arrived and I was feeling better than Wednesday. My legs weren't swollen, I felt hydrated and I also took a s-cap before starting the run. I think that s-cap really helped me because my legs during the run never felt sluggish and the last mile back in my leg turn over was steady and quick.
Thursday's run was interesting, there were at least 100 fuzzy cute little bunnies on the bike path. We ran into a trio of pigeons, a gackel of turkeys and ummm more turkeys everywhere. I think that was it. But there was a ton of wild life out that day. All this wild life had my nerves shoot because I was a bit skittish and jumping more than trailmomma was. But it was a solid run on both of our parts. Trailmomma even left a great note on my car. I found it as I was leaving work and it really made my day! Thanks trailmomma.
Friday was a rest day, I crashed hard as soon as I got home from work. It was a long work week, but the funny thing was it was a short work week because Monday was a Holiday.

I believe the changes I made this week are helping me get ready for next weeks race.
Today I did my "long" run of the week 12 miles. I took in a s-cap before the run, had plenty of water during the run and also after. I am re-hydrating this afternoon. On the run though I stopped dead in my tracks. I thought I was hearing kids playing and screaming on the left side of trail, but than I heard the same noises on the right side. Only it wasn't kids playing. I remembered hearing these yelps when I was in Tahoe last summer. It was a herd of coyotes on the right and left. I am pretty sure of it. After the yelps left the area I finished my run. It was good to be out there today, I was glad I was on my own so I could get focus and judge how my body was doing.
One week till the race, all I have to do this week is finalize pre-race, during the race, and post race plans. I plan on really enjoying this run and using it to de-stress before the major stress starts up with the p-fresh remodel I am in charge of. Good times!

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