Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Fun Run!

You would think that all I would be thinking about is my race on Saturday. Surprisingly I am not. Well, not 100% of the time. Occasionally I will think about it. Right now Lil man is fighting a fever and I am really hoping NOT to get SICK with TRT 50k on Saturday.

"Please ohhh please do not come my way sickness that is floating around the house."

But I guess it is a ritual as he has been sick the last 2 times I have raced.

The first was CIM and the second being AR50. So it was no surprise when I got home today from my 6 mile run with trailmomma that Lil man was sick. Not much I can do about it.

Yup, today I went out with trailmomma and we met up at Rio again. It is a very convenient spot for both of us. Today I surprised her by bringing out my dog Toby.

It was early enough in the day before the heat hit, and he really would not let me leave again with out him. So he came along to enjoy the morning with some great company.

Actual Toby came along as a wild animal deterrent. Because the last time we ran out there we ran into a ton of bunnies, wild turkeys and pigeons.

Killer bunnies out to get me!

Turkeys after Trailmomma

If pigeons could read, this is what they are reading!

But today all we saw were a few turkeys and a random bunny here and there. I was feeling really good today, legs felt strong and my focus was there. Toby did a great job and kept a nice steady pace and only scared one runner. It was actually really funny to watch. We were passing 2 runners on the right, one of the runners made eye contact with Toby and the next thing I knew he bounced up in the air and was eye level with her. It scared her and Toby continued on his way without missing a stride. Both trailmomma and I had a good laugh. I enjoyed this run.
All good things to be thinking and feeling especially with my race coming up. This afternoon was very relaxing, which was nice for a change.

Toby this afternoon! Tired

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