Sunday, July 18, 2010

Part 1 TRT 50k

It is Sunday morning and I am enjoying a great cup of coffee, walking around with only the pain from my blisters on the bottom of my foot. My quads feel great which I find surprising after running 33 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail yesterday. But that is not where it all starts; it starts Friday the day before the race.

I have a new work schedule and that means I was working Friday instead of being off like I had planned when I signed up for this race. The great thing was my boss was understanding, I went in at 4am which means I was up at 2:45 and started my day. After work I had to head home and get everything ready. I didn’t pack a thing the day before because I was exhausted. The plan was to car camp at the shuttle pick up spot this way Coach Nikon and I wouldn’t have to worry about a parking a space the day of. This would be my first car camp experience. I was excited and couldn’t wait.

As I was packing I was attempting to check things off. Priority one of course for me was

• Trail Shoes

• Running clothes: shirt, shorts, sports bra, socks

• Garmin fully charged

• Hat

• Water pack

• GU-Vanilla Flavor-I knew it would sit well in my stomach.

• S-Caps and Tylenol

• Camera-Can’t do TRT without it

These were the first items I packed and kept re-checking. Next on the list was bedding for the car and then the cooler packed with.

• Recovery Drink-Must Have

• Bagels with peanut butter

• Veggie Straws- which I never ate-

• Tons of Water

After loading the car off I went to meet up with Coach Nikon. Before we left we grabbed some dinner, chicken and rice with broccoli and packed it in the cooler for later. Dinner of Champions!

It was 104 degrees in Sacramento on Friday and I was baking in my car even though I had air conditioner. I just couldn’t get cooled off. Once we reached the Pollock pines area it was remarkably cooler and then when we arrived in Tahoe, ahhh ,relief from the heat. We relaxed a bit by the cars drinking our fluids and another racer pulls up. We talked to him a bit and find out he is doing the 100 miler. His first! Barry I hope you did great!

The Hangout!

Coach Nikon told me about this bouldering place just up the hill from where we were and we decided to go and check it out. But before we went for a little hike, I put on my compression socks. The long hours at work and being on my feet had taken a toll on me. My legs were swollen and I could feel it around my ankles. FAT ANKLES!

It was pretty amazing to see the boulder, because I wouldn’t have guessed or even known it was there. The rock formation was huge and I couldn’t even imagine myself climbing it.

Coach Nikon getting ready to Climb!

little pass through

Squeezing In

After the little rock adventure we ate our dinner. It tasted pretty good even though it was cold. As I was eating I looked down at my left arm and then I look at my right and I see little red dots going up and down my arms. Hmmm, maybe I am seeing things. But then Coach Nikon sees the dots and he also tells me it is on my legs. Crap, why am I breaking out in a rash?

I immediately think; I didn’t change anything I have been eating the past 2 weeks. I stayed with familiar foods. What is going on? Then, I remember that Lil man had a rash break out on Thursday. Since I left Friday without seeing Lil Man I didn’t know if his had cleared up. Great, not what I need now. For some reason I decided to remove my compression socks and I find that both of my legs are covered with a rash. Ohh no. Panic is setting in. I didn’t have anything to take for this, and I didn’t know what it was. My conclusion was; a heat rash from the day’s activities and than by putting on the compression socks probably made me a bit warm. It eased my mind at least. Hopefully it will clear up before the race tomorrow.

We were not the only ones who had decided to car camp. We made friends with another trail runner who was doing the 100 miler. He was from Red bluff. Good luck to you Joe. There were runners from Wisconsin, the bay area, Sacramento. It was exciting. As night came Coach Nikon and I settled in. Lil Man called me before I went to bed and it was great to hear his laugh. He wished me luck with his mommy’s help of course. I read for a bit and then tried to fall asleep. Only my rash or skin irritation was painful. Finally I decided to sleep in my shorts to let my legs breath. It was going to be short night, as the 100 milers were starting their race at 5am and would be arriving around 3:30am. I slept pretty well in the back of my car and when I awoke at 3:30 I was feeling refreshed and ready and excited.

Comforts of Home!

My body felt great, the rash had cleared up and the weather was nice. It wasn’t cold; it was going to be a great day and a great race. I was ready mentally and physically I was ready.
Race Day! Eating Breakfast

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