Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is race week for me, only it doesn't quit feel that way. I have just started a new position at work and it is all over whelming. Looking at blue prints, having drill down meetings, starting points changing every other day, another meeting, What???? Needless to say it has been a bit stressful and long work days with me on feet for a good 10-11 hour day which I remind you sometimes starts at 4:00am which means I get up at 2:45.
Like I stated in my previous post Lil man has been sick. Only this time the sickness I am guessing was passed onto me or it could have been all the stress going on trying to get a remodel started without certain facts.
 Monday while at work, my body started to really ache. You know the ache you get after a good hard run with either hill repeats or mile repeats thrown in there. Yeah!!! It hurt. My legs were swollen, I wasn't regulating my body temperature, I was cold all the time and couldn't get warm. I had a massive head ache and the thought of food sent my stomach in a up roar. After my 11hr day I got home and crashed for a couple of hours. When I woke up my head ache was worse, my body ached even more and now I was dripping wet with sweat only I was cold. UGH!!! Not good, I have a race coming up. Not what I needed.
Luckily by Tuesday when I was getting ready for work it seemed that I was all systems go. Weird, maybe I was overly stressed.
I made it through the day OK, but this day there was no time to sit and eat, or when I did try to I got pulled from my lunch. So the first chance I had to eat wasn't until I got home from work and that was around 3:30 or so. I warmed up some soup and called it good. I also tried to drink some fluids because I knew I was dehydrated.
Trailmomma and I had decided to met up for a easy run and since it was my taper week Tuesday and Thursday sounded like some really good days and I knew my work schedule would work out in my favor since I didn't have to be back super duper early.
We met up Tuesday evening and I was exhausted. In hindsight I probably should have not run yesterday because I was feeling so run down, but I thought I would bounce through it and some energy would be found. Yup not the case.
I arrived before trailmomma and with some great effort forced a GU down. Only I didn't know if it was going to stay down. Not a great way to start a run with doubts. But it stayed down, and trailmomma arrived shortly and off we went. She did a great job re-directing my focus and letting me vent a bit. I think she could tell I was struggling because I was having a serious issue after .50 mile. I had nothing in my tank, and wow this 6 mile run was going to be ruff. Only I didn't voice my concern with her and kept moving forward. I mean it had to get better. Right? Yeah, no it didn't. Trailmomma did a great job distracting me and subtle suggested doing 2 out 2 back. I heard her but didn't acknowledge. I wanted this run to be over with. So at 2.5 I asked "you OK if we turn around?" And that is just what we did. Thanks trailmomma for hanging in there with me yesterday on the horrid run. It was pretty uneventful as we ran back in. I needed to walk a bit and trailmomma walked with me without saying a word. I think she knew that I was about to break and was "fragile."
As we walked/ran back in she did offer some great advice:
  • drink a electrolyte drink when I got home.
  • eat something, if not dinner maybe a banana and peanut butter
  • She reminded me that I was ready, I had put the work in and miles in I was ready
  • Try to let go.
All great things and today that is what I kept focusing on.
  •  I am ready
  •  I have put the miles in.
  • I can do this.
  • All positive statements. My personal coach and cheerleader. Thanks Trailmomma.
Today (Wednesday) was much better, not as much stress at work, I was able to eat lunch and get some fluids in. Things are looking up. I am working on keeping a positive attitude the rest of this week.
Tomorrow is Thursday and trailmomma and I have a scheduled run, not sure the mileage yet, but something comfortable and something to keep the legs loose. Oh and Captain Kirk the compression socks are on. Thanks for that advice.
Looking forward to Saturday, maybe I just needed a couple of bad days to put things in perspective.


  1. Hey there! You're ready. Aid station by aid station, step by step.

    If you need rest on Thursday by all means, let me know. Don't feel obligated to run. Saturday is more important!

    Rest up kid! You're going to do great!

  2. Some of my best races have come at the end of stressful weeks, you'll be fine. One trick, try to eat/drink well this week and sleep a LOT, it will relax you.

    See you friday