Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trail Family Reunion!

Saturday morning was here and I was the first one up in the house. Surprise, surprise! I was even up before Toby who for some reason gets me up at 4:30 am on days I don’t have to get up early. What am I going to do with him? I had planned a 12 mile run with trailmomma and Garmin was also going to join us. Off I went, I was the first to arrive followed closely by Garmin and than not to long after, trailmomma showed up. All three us were there will before 6:30 the actual time we were meeting. After a quick hello’s, and how are things off we went before the heat caught us.

Trailmomma and Garmin set a pretty solid pace; I on the other hand was struggling right out of the gate. I picked up the rear hoping they wouldn’t notice and just kept fighting myself internally. It has been a long few months with some very intense training ranging from back to back to back long runs with Coach Nikon and than keeping up the weekly mileage. Thank goodness that my taper was just around the corner because I was needing it.

Setting the Pace

Today my legs were not feeling fresh. I was little tight and having a hard time getting lose and it seemed that I couldn’t find my stride. I did my best to keep up and while I was struggling trailmomma and Garmin were great they would turn around not see me and slow down and at some points wait. I felt so bad because they looked so fresh. I was hiking hills I normally run up that was how much of a struggle this run was for me.

Don't let the smile fool you.

I was actually enjoying listening to Garmin and trailmomma catch up which kept my mind occupied. They were cruising along and would have kept going past our turn around point if I had not asked “how far are you guys going?” I knew I didn’t want to go any further. I stepped off the trail as they came back down and they resumed the lead.
We came upon the photo taking spot, you now the great view with the boulder overlooking the lake. On the boulder was this giant vulture. Both Garmin and I took a few pictures of it before it flew away, while trailmomma kept her distance. It was such a great spot to take pictures trailmomma decided we all three should get in the photo. As she was balancing her camera on a rock trying to get the timer going a Folsom Trail Runner noticed our dilemma and offered to take our photo. Thanks guys.


What a good looking bunch!

After the photo opportunity we were quickly on our way. The Folsom Trail Runners were out and heading up the exact single track were heading down. Today there were a ton of them. As we made it through twin rocks and were coming upon the horse stables we ran into Wonder Woman. Again,what a small world. We all chit chatted for a bit. Wonder Woman and Captain Kirk and even trailmomma were thinking of venturing up to Tahoe to cheer on myself and Coach Nikon in two weeks. Yeah!!!

We talked for awhile and a ton of trail runners passed us and also some walkers. The three of us started back up, it was a bit difficult to get going because I for one was stiff and cold. Only I shouldn’t have been cold because it was hot out. I was clammy and cold to the touch. We passed the walkers and said sorry because this was the second time we had passed them and then not 5 minutes later we run into this guy. No, it is not coach Nikons crazy twin brother but coach Nikon. Yelling “Finally my people!” We were excited to see him. He was out doing a 4hr run. Of course we couldn’t pass up the instant photo shoot and Garmin even joined in on the fun.

Work it!!!!

JC Penny Catalog here they come!

After the photo shoot a trail runner stopped and offered to take our picture together. It was a little “family reunion” on the trail today. Coach Nikon made the comment that I was very cold and asked if I was struggling today. Answer, “Yes.” My legs were sluggish; I was hot but cold at the same time. It was just not my day. I am so looking forward to my taper so I can get my body back in line.

As we started back up you could hear all three of us going ohh, ahh, as we were all stiff and having a difficult time getting lose again. But totally worth it to say hi to the trail family.

We hit the fire road and Garmin and trailmomma were cruising along, I was struggling. But they both hiked the hills and waited for me to catch up. Thanks for being patient with me today. You two were the best support today on the run.

I am not sure what I plan on running this week, but I do know I am going to keep it easy and light. TRT is 2 weeks out.

After the run I had a haircut and so did Lil Man. It was fun watching him in the chair, he freaked out when the hair fell on him and he flared about trying to get it off him. He did great sitting still and I think his new hair cut looks great. What do you think?
He looks so Big!

Spiky like auntie Meme. I asked him before going how he wanted his hair cut. He said “Like meme.”

After our hair cuts we both went home and took a nap. I was completely exhausted and still had a long evening up ahead. It is my brother’s birthday on July 4th and the entire family was getting together to celebrate. Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

Happy Birthday to my brother!

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