Thursday, July 1, 2010

Change is Good Right?

This week has been very challenging to get any type of quality running in. I think the long hours overnight have finally caught up with me and on top of that I found out I am the Remodel Coordinator for my store which is right sizing into a P-Fresh store. (produce) In other words my stores remodel starts technically in 3 weeks and I just found out about this position on Tuesday night. Yes, I am excited for the new challenges and endeavors that lay ahead for me, ummm whom am I kidding I am scared like a lost child would be scared. It all is hitting home the magnitude of this.
The good thing is I at least I am being sent out for some training. That should help. The bad news is I am still scared. The first couple of thoughts that initially popped into my head, how am I going to continue with my training? My next big race is in September the Sierra Nevada Double. Will I get the time off needed? So far that answer is hopefully yes. OMG TRT is in three weeks, at least I am ready for that, I think. But again my plans have drastically changed for that event. I might show back up to work the following Monday after the race not walking very well, that will be interesting. These are just a few of the questions going through my head. Trying not to let it overwhelm me for the time being. But it is a lot of information to take in and than to tell my team I am leaving for 18 weeks. The great news is I had a stellar night for it being my last truck night. It felt great accomplishing everything we did and also reminds me that I can do a remodel and be successful at it.
I feel a bit better, still alot of unanswered questions but moving on I went out for a six mile run on Tuesday. I was feeling pretty confident when I started running, holding a good pace. Drinking water as it was well over 100.  But than all of a sudden everything came to a crashing halt. I was spent. I don't know if it was because of everything that was going on at work or just the heat had taken it's toll on me. I was walking, I mean walking and stopping in the shade and than I would try to run some more. But I was feeling miserable. I made it to my turn around point, and before heading back I soaked my head in the water faucet and refilled my bottle in hopes of making it back in one piece. The soaking helped for a bit, but again I was shuffling back in. All in all I completed the six miles in 1hr and 8 min. But it was a real struggle.
Of course Wednesday comes and I am not motivated to run, I didn't want a repeat of Tuesday. But I eventually pulled myself together and headed. out. On my way to the foot bridge a car pulled up behind me and was really close, when all of a sudden I heard the sound of a siren turn on and off and I looked in my rear view mirror and saw red flashing lights. SH!@ My heart was racing, I jerked the car to the right and regained my focus and than realized it was my good friend Coach Nikon. Thanks Coach Nikon for completely scaring the living daylights out of me.
We both had a good laugh when I parked at the foot bridge. We talked a bit and I told him about my struggle on Tuesday with the run. That's when he said Partner Jim told him it was a bad air day and that was what I was probably feeling. Big sigh of relief rushed over and now I had more confidence to get this run in. So off I went, I held a pretty steady pace on the way out. It defiantly felt much better than Tuesday. I was still hurting from the heat and soaked in the water faucet. That helped refresh me, but pretty soon my legs were feeling sluggish and I just couldn't get them moving. My legs were dead. Maybe it was the long hours on my feet at work, or maybe I didn't eat enough, or maybe I didn't drink enough water the night before. I don't know. My body was off. Everything was getting tight but good think was I only had a mile to get back. I powered though it and ended up running the six in about 55 min.
I am hoping this isn't a sign or something. Overall the pace ended up being good for me, but it did not feel right. I was struggling through it and it felt to forced. It didn't feel fun. That is what it was. It wasn't fun. I think maybe I have to much going on in my head at the moment and these next 5 days away from work will really benefit me. This is my last really long weekend. So what am I going to do with myself you wonder? Me too, Coach Nikon and I are running tomorrow probably from the overlook to cool and back and than throwing in a hill repeat on the dam hill or stage coach. Saturday I will be running again and Saturday is family get together night. It is my brothers birthday on July 4 and we are celebrating Saturday night. Wohoo! Sunday is the 4th of July and right now I don't have any major plans. I think I really need to relax and find some down time. Because come Tuesday I am in full swing in training and planning the remodel. Wish me luck! Happy Trails everyone!

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