Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Drive Within

What drives you to do what you do? That question wasn't always easier to answer. At this moment in my life what drives me is the challenge and pushing myself towards a goal that is challenging yet attainable. Challenging enough to make me push myself in all aspects of training leading up to the race and also race day itself. Atttainable enough that I know I will finish, different goals are set for race day as anything can happen. This is also true in life. Anything can happen in life and having attainable but yet challenging goals is what keeps it exciting.

My running in the past few years has really helped bring a balance into my life. When I first started running there was no balance, there really was no me time. Yes, I did things for myself but it really didn't mean anything. Running brought that balance that I was desperatly searching for. It also brought with the it the goals and challenges and attainable goals that I keep talking about.

Running for me brings a drive, a desire to challenge myself, to push myself when I think I can't go one more step ,I push myself to go that step and then another and another. Same is true in life. There may not always seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, but just keep walking and doing what ever it takes to move forward.

Always moving forward, just like in ultras. My goal is to move forward no matter what speed because moving forward is progress to that goal. Just like in a ultra there are many highs along with many lows. Same is true in life, but when the lows in life come over me, I tell myself "keep moving forward."

The drive is a powerful thing. It can light the fire from within and my desire. It is pretty amazing to see my progress in life and in running in the past few years. The changes that have come with it, the desire, the drive, the focus, the passion have all been lit once again.

I was traveling in darkness a few years ago but now I see the light and I managed to get there by always moving forward and believing in the drive from within.

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