Friday, May 25, 2012

Loop in the Hills

Today I found myself in a nice spot. Off from work, with a nice four day weekend. With that I immediately sent Trailmomma a message "hey, you want to run on Friday?" Her reply "sure." And with that we decided on meeting up in El Dorado Hills for a nice 12 miler around her hilly neighborhood. I of course was excited to run in the hilly area.

I started my morning off by running a few miles with Traildog. He was really excited to be out and running and I was just enjoying the quality with him. My legs were feeling pretty good and I decided to just keep it nice and comfortable knowing I had 12 hilly miles where I was going to push it on the climbs.

After the nice and comfortable 6 with Traildog I headed  up the hill to meet up with Trailmomma. She was a bit surprised when I told her I had already run 6 for the day. But I also reminded her that this was my big mileage week.

We started out and Trailmomma told me she wasn't worried about pace today as she has had a very busy week and a busy morning. I knew I wasn't worried about speed, I was going to be really focused on the climbs and pushing my legs to keep going. After about a mile we hooked up with one of Trailmomma;s running friends.

We were probably on the only flat section of the run and my leg turnover was solid, but I knew things could quickly change up in the hills. Sure enough Trailmomma tells me we are going to the right and up that big hill. I was pretty quick to shriek out in a little girls voice "Up that hill!"

As I started climbing I quickly noticed the power in my legs and I eased my way up the hill, it felt effortless. I waited at the fork in the road and we regrouped and continued on the climb. It kept going and rolling ever so gently. I had to do some work to keep my leg turnover on the flats but the climbs was were I felt the most comfortable today. What a change from a year ago. I probably would have never felt that way. Amazing what some quality hill workouts will do.

The trail was nice and continued climbing and I just keep the pace. It was pretty amazing to see Folsom Lake below and I thought "wow, what a nice view." But shortly later I would again look at the view and think "now this is a view" as we were still climbing. We hit the asphalt and our pace was nice and consistent. My legs were still feeling awesome and I didn't even notice the earlier miles I had put on my legs.

The run today was pretty neat. We ran on trails, pavement, back to trails, two creek crossings, and the best part was the views. Who would have thought you could find all that awesomeness in a short simple 12 mile loop? We even made it to our Fire hydrant hell hill repeat hill. I for one had a great time on this run and was very pleased with how my legs responded and how much power I had developed over the past few months.

Trailmomma and her Friend did awesome. Trailmomma is looking really strong in her training and I can't wait to hear about her marathon that is coming up next month. She is going to rock it!

I was pleased with my focus and determination during the run today and especially with how I attacked the hills. Focus and determination!

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