Monday, May 21, 2012

Lesson Learned

After Thursday's long run on Friday I felt like crap. My energy was at an all time low, I was mentally fatigued to the point where at work I really wasn't understanding a basic conversation and my legs were very weak. I was spent. With the way I was feeling I decided that it probably was best to take Friday as a rest day and that it might also be a good idea to get some really good calories into my system.

In looking back after my run on Thursday I ate a protein bar and drank my Endurox Protein drink which both combined gave me maybe 300 calories. Only when I arrived home I quickly showered, changed and packed up Traildog and headed over to Lil Man's for some soccer fun. When I arrived at Lil Man's I dropped Traildog off and went and took my car in for an oil change. I still hadn't put any really solid food in my system. I arrived home and played with Lil Man and then I noticed I was starving. I quickly opened the fridge and enjoyed some mac and cheese which I haven't had since I moved out which is about five months ago. It tasted really good, really good!

After my snack because I can't count that as meal as it really didn't bring in the proper recovery fuel it was time for soccer. I enjoyed watching Lil Man and the other little soccer players scrimmage each other. Of course Lil Man ended up on the grass a lot and on time he hit the grass and his shoe came flying off. It was hilarious. He was OK, just being aggressive to get the soccer ball. After a great scrimmage we headed home where I packed up Traildog said my goodbye's and headed back to my place.

By the time I arrived home I was exhausted and I headed to bed as I had a early day on Friday. So after looking back I know why I felt the way I did, lack of proper fuel and recovery fuel. Calories in, I needed some healthy calories and how I was feeling on Friday was my bodies way of saying "Hey, don't forget to eat!"

Proper fueling is very important, as it helps keep my body going and aids in recovery. I have been doing a much better job with fueling at work, I make a sandwich and bring a protein granola bar, along with some grapes, and crackers and of course water. I am drinking so much water I have to refill my large Brita jug about every other day.

Lesson learned; eat the right foods after a run, eat regularly throughout the day and drink plenty of water. All basic things, but if forgotten I get a Friday where I am totally lathergic.

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