Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hill Repeat Monday Week 5

It is hard to believe that only 5 weeks ago I really became focused and began hill training. The first week if you recall, I ran the hill by my place. For Week 1 it was challenging and my legs felt like jello at the end. Then week 2 came and I headed up the hill to El Dorado Hill to run hills with my good friend Trailmomma. Of course this hill was steeper then my previous hill and I could defiantly feel the burn in my legs after maybe 5 steps. Week 3 same thing, hill in El Dorado, but this time it didn't hurt as much and I could feel my legs getting stronger. Week 4 another adventure in El Dorado hill were I ran up the hill and felt really good and at the end I did another hill repeat just because I could. Now it is Week 5 and wow how tings have improved.

This week being week 5 of repeats seemed a bit easier. Yes I did red line, but I had to push harder and it seemed like my legs could sustain the effort without burning. A really good sign. The only thing that was missing was Trailmomma as she needed to get her run on earlier as her day was packed. It would have been really easy for me to say "OK, I am not doing hills, I don't want to push myself." But that was just not acceptable and how am I suppose to get stronger if I don't commit all the way. I have to remember that pain is temporary, but quiting last forever!

Off to my run I went after a long stressful day at work. I started with a 2 mile warm up and than the fun begins!

Repeat #1: 5:26 total trip, legs were feeling strong and when I reached the turnaround point felt really good to transition into downhill running. I pushed on the both the ascents and the descents.

Repeat #2: 5:45 hmmm, OK. I will take it. Surprised myself here and I remained focused knowing I had 4 more repeats to complete.

Repeat #3: 5:36 WoW, again that was faster. This time I was starting to feel the burn and I really had to keep my focus as my mind was slowly wandering.

Repeat #4: 5:51 Not to bad, now my goal is to stay under 6 minutes. That will give me something to focus as my mind is seriously wandering. Where is my FOCUS?

Repeat #5: 6:07 NOooooo...Crap what happened? I completely lost my focus, my legs were burning and I let it get the best of me. But that is not going to happening on the last repeat.

Repeat #6: 5:50 I pushed it and dug deep and focused on pumping my arms and moving up that hill. I wasn't going to let it defeat me. Quick turn and burn and motoring on down.

I completed 6 repeats that equaled 4 miles up the hill where it all began. I could feel the power in the my legs and the burn would come on, but I was able to push through it. It is amazing how when I think there is nothing left I find that extra gear. The power of the brain. Mind over body. Just tell yourself and believe that it can be done and greatness will prevail!

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