Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Report

This weekend my training schedule had to be tweaked yet again. Work and some family time were on the list. Saturday was one windy day and when I made it home from work I decided to wait out the wind. I had taken Friday off from running as I was on  my feet all day for close to 11 hours at work, which is not very often I am there that long. But sometimes it happens.

It was probably a good thing I took Friday off as my legs really needed a recovery day from my long run on Thursday and the legs were fatigued not to mention achy.

Back to Saturday, it took a few hours but I finally found the courage to head out the door. I left Traildog at home as it was mid day on the parkway on a Saturday which means bikes. And, yes there were a ton a bikes who in fact were pretty much hugging the shoulder were I run which caused me to have to move out there way for fear of being run over. Good thing he didn't come because we both would have been taken taken out.

The run started out OK, my legs were achy and feeling the increased effort I have been putting in but surprisingly my mind was focused. I just kept a nice consistent pace as this day was all about recovery. Recovery, recovery, recovery was the name of the game. As the miles went by a pretty awesome thing happened, my legs started to feel better. Funny how that is. My legs weren't aching as much my stride felt comfortable and my cadence increased ever so slightly.

On the return I focused on remaining relaxed and comfortable, there was no need to push it I was just out shacking my tired sore legs out. I am very glad that I went out for the run on Saturday as it really did my body some good.

Sunday is a totally different situation. I actually didn't get a run in. After work I quickly headed home, changed and pack up Traildog and we were off to visit with the family as my older brother had flown into town and I wanted to see him before he left. It was a good thing I headed over there because he was heading up to Vacaville with  my older sister in a few hours.

We caught up and spent some quality enjoying the sunny weather while Traildog played and Lil Man played with his slip and slide. It is always great fun watching Lil Man play on his slip and slide because he has gotten so much better than when he tried it the first time last summer. Too bad Traildog doesn't want anything to do with the slip and slide, now that would be a sight to see.

So my Sunday workout didn't happen but that is OK, sometimes it is better to visit with family when they come to town, plus I still had solid 40 mile week and next week is going to be a big week of running stating today with Hill Repeats with Trailmomma.

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