Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thursday Long Run

This week is my weekend to work so that means long run Thursday and that is just what I did. I woke up really early that morning, 3am. I know early. I just enjoyed my morning and casually got ready for my run and headed up to the Overlook and I was ready to run by 6ish. Let me tell you, I really enjoyed starting my run that early. The earlier I start the sooner I can get finished so I can spend some quality time with Lil Man.

Once at the Overlook I made my way down to No Hands Bridge. Instead of going up to Robie I made my way around. Going around gives me a few more rollers and gives my legs a chance to work those rollers as well. I was holding 9 min miles during that section. My legs were feeling strong and my mind was clear. Once at No Hands Bridge I headed up to Cool, but this time I went up K2.

If you have never gone up K2 then let me tell you it is a vertical climb. And when I say vertical I mean vertical. I haven't been up K2 in a few years so I had forgotten what this climb was like. I powered hiked the first part, then it smooths out a bit and I ran. When I hit the next climb I ran some of it and transitioned into a power hike. I was always thinking "hike with a purpose!" It wasn't a stroll, I was hiking with a sense of urgency. The sense of urgency being that I wanted this climb over with. On I went up this beast of a hill. A vertical mile. It leveled out once again and I took advantage of this and took off running. I ran the next climb and then I took a moment and looked out. The view was awesome. I felt like I was hiking up to Forest hill bridge. The landscape was unbelievable and really made me appreciate what I am able to do. After taking in the view I finished the hike up K2. At the top I quickly started running knowing Cool was a short distance away. I was holding 9 minute miles still which was really nice to see after such a strong climb.

I hit Cool and kept on going, tacking on a few more miles and to also see what my legs could do. My legs felt good and the leg turnover was solid. I hit the turn around after 9 miles. On the return I went around K2 as this would be give me an opportunity to work on me descents. I also knew that my quads were not 100% and I have been just destroying them each week with the miles, hills, and long runs combined. I kept the descents under control. I hit no hands bridge and knew that this climb out was really going to challenge me today as I had been pushing it early in the run. And sure enough the climb out really did challenge me.

It would have been really easy if I just hiked up to Robie, but I went around and pushed it on the rollers as best I could. I hit the overlook and continued on running. I headed down the dam hill for a mile and turned it around and came back out. I wanted one more climb just to see where my legs and head were. Well, my legs felt like toast but my head wasn't and I pushed my legs to run the hill. I wasn't going to settle for a power hike. There was no settling that day.

20 miles with a climb up K2 and a small portion of the dam hill, I would say that was a pretty solid workout. I am pretty pleased to see where my training has taking me because pretty soon TRT 50 will be here. I have a really big week planned next week and I can't wait to hit the trails once again, but first up will be hill repeats on Monday!

To keeping things focused and believing!

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