Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High Noon Fire Hydrant Hell

Yesterday at high noon I headed up to Trailmommas house for some hill repeats with the sun beating down on me. I could feel the sun burning it's way into my brain and slowly draining me of all of my energy. The sun was so powerful I could feel it's intensity with each step I took it felt like it was literally on top of me.

OK maybe I am being a little dramatic, but it was very warm out there. Much warmer than the previous Monday.

Off we both went, we started off with a mile warm up and as we neared the road to the hill I shouted in utter disbelief "Where is the fire hydrant? Did it move?" Really it moved, really Pigeon? OK maybe the sun was already getting to me but I think Trailmomma got a nice chuckle out of that comment. She of course casually tells me "Noooo, it didn't move it is right there." and points to the right and sure enough it is there, I just don't remember it being that far down the hill is all. Anyway, I was completely excited all day about hill repeats and I couldn't wait to get off of work and start the hills. Really, who gets excited about hill repeats? Me, me, me that is who.

On the first repeat Trailmomma just took off and it was all I could do to keep within 5-10 paces of her. Than slowly but surely I started getting closer and than I passed her and kept on moving. She stayed right on me as we hit the fire hydrant. As we neared the fire hydrant I shouted in utter desperation, "when do we stop? Here?" I honestly couldn't remember when to stop, I was red lined and feeling this first repeat. Trailmomma once again came to my rescue and told me this was the stopping point. Thank goodness for trailmomma, I am surprised I made it home in one piece.

On the second repeat, Trailmomma maintained the lead and her focus as on the first repeat her mind started wondering and slowly came back as I ran by. This time there was no stopping her, she was on fire and beat me considerable to the fire hydrant by at least 20 paces or more. I hit the turnaround and focused on my downhill running.

The third repeat was like the second with Trailmomma crushing me, but on the fourth repeat Trailmomma really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I pushed myself. I took off first and then Trailmomma came and passed me. Only this time I focused really hard on staying with her and I did. Only she was actually doing this on purpose, she was challenging me to dig deeper and to see if I had the drive to increase the pace and push on. And you know what I did? I pushed on, I dug deep, and I slowly passed her, one step two steps oh crap I am in the lead. Now really push it and really go deeper I have more to give. I pushed myself to find the inner drive and I just focused on one step in front of the other not the big picture. I put my head down and just kept driving legs and arms. I hit the fire hydrant and unlike last week, my legs didn't feel like jello.

That tells me that my legs are getting stronger and what I am doing is working.

On high noon fire hydrant hell, I ended up doing 6 long repeats and Trailmomma completed 5 long repeats and than 2 shorter but more intense sprint repeats. We pushed each other, but she really pushed me. She somehow managed to get me to find that inner drive and bring the training up a notch. I know it isn't suppose to be comfortable and I am glad that she pushed me to find strength because there is always something more to give, I just need to believe.

I survived week 2 of Fire Hydrant Hell and guess what? This week didn't seem as tough as week 1. Getting stronger I am!

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  1. You are doing awesome. You ARE stronger both physically and mentally!! I believe! :-)

    Next week. I am hoping some extra sleep helps power me to six repeats!