Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am a firm believer that what ever energy you put out into the world, it will come full circle and come right back at you. I believe that surrounding one self with positive, inspirational, energetic, passionate people is contagious. It is so contagious that it can and it will bring a new life to someone. I didn't always believe this, in fact I didn't know what I believed. But I did find out that the more positive people I have in my life the more positive and meaningful my life has become.

Energy is all around us and I have opened my eyes to this fact. Energy effects each and everyone one of us, it can effect us negatively or positively but ultimately it is our decision on how we choose to allow others energy effect us.

A few years ago when I worked overnight my team would play different music in our stockrooms to help keep them focused and motivated. In looking back on those situations the music really effected me. In one stock room there would be this angry heavy metal music and I found myself walking out of that stockroom just in a really pissed off mood. Then I would walk in into the "classical" music stockroom and this wave of calmness would come over me. And finally I would walk into the upbeat music stockroom and my energy level would increase. At the time I didn't really notice nor did I pay attention to how the music effected me, but it really did. I found myself one day after spending a great deal of time in the angry heavy metal stockroom pulling the plug on the CD player because I had become so irritated and I couldn't focus on the task at hand. This is a classic situation of how music and it's energy effect me.

Positive thinking is also a powerful tool. In ultra running one negative thought can fester and then develop into a bigger negative thought and then it is all down hill from there. But the trick is being able to recognize and choose to not let that negative thought overpower me/us. It is at that moment when the negative thought first enters our brain that one must stop it from forming a sentence or finishing the word. Just one word can spiral our behavior.

For me I have learned that if a negative thought creeps into my head I must not let it fester, I must remain focus on all the positives. Whether that be tuning on some great tunes, maybe it is as simple as eating something, drinking some water, or just letting out a shout on the trail to release that negative thought. But, I know that I can choose to let it overpower me or I can choose to rise up and choose to fight on. I say choose to fight on, find that positive thought and choose to never caving in.

Energy is all around us and it is what we choose to do with that energy that is important. Positive thinking, inspiring people, passion is what I like to center myself around with these days.

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