Friday, January 7, 2011

Afternoon Project

Yesterday after my run I decided it was time to get back to enjoying something other then running. I know big shocker, I do have other hobbies they have just been on the back burner now for awhile and I finally decided enough was enough.

Off to my storage shed as this is where my tools were kept and I would need my drill, sander, screws, and a few other tools then it was off to Home depot. I went to get together my material I would be needing for the afternoon project. It had been awhile since the last time I made it, I think almost a year, so I didn't exactly remember how much material to buy. But as I was their I remembered what I needed quickly gathered up the materials and went home to start the project.

Some of the  materials I needed.

Measure twice, cut once. Once I cut there is no going back!

I also needed to get some quarters out of my money jar. I used them as spacers so if the wood happened to get wet in the near future it could expand without ruining the final project.

I know what you are thinking. I did not cut myself with the power tools. I cut myself getting my quarters out of the broken money jar and the glass cut me pretty good.

The only bandage I could find. It bleed for at least 45 min. and I had to change the bandage 4 times in that time frame. But it didn't slow me down I kept on measuring, cutting, and putting together my wood project.

After cutting I needed to sand down the pieces of wood, to make them nice and smooth.

One side of the final product only three more to go plus a cap on top to finish it off. Then one more final sanding to clean it all up.

Planter box! The final product.

I made two yesterday different sizes. I have made about 9 total for family and friends and each time I make  it I find a better and stronger way to make them. It was a enjoyable afternoon project.

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  1. Enjoying something other than running. I know that feeling. Gorgeous planter boxes!