Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spoiled on the Trails with Sunshine

Yesterday's I was spoiled out on the trails. A beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine and great trail running friends. What more could a Trail Pigeon ask for??? Well, how about 18 give or take a few miles of sweet tacky single track and one Dam Road.

Coach Nikon working it before we start!

The day before Coach Nikon and I went out and marked the trail for the group, but on our way down the Dam hill I noticed a few pink ribbons were missing. Ohh great, I hope this is all that are missing. But once down and at the start of the single track one more was missing. This is not good. As I continued on the single track though the remaining pink ribbons were up. That was a huge sigh of relief. Yeah!!!!

Today unlike Saturday my legs were feeling really good. They were not tight and I was able to find my rhythm on the trails. I was enjoying hearing the roar of the river as it was pretty quiet out on the trails today. GPS Michelle was right behind me and we talked a little bit, but not too much as we both were enjoying being on the trail. There were a few small stream jumping that today I cleared with no problem unlike Saturday I could barely get over them. I kept my feet dry. Yeah Me!!!

Soon enough we were at Avery's Pond, and yes, I did chuckle to myself. I knew we were very close to the turn around and we were getting near the newer part of trail. Once I reached the newer trail I hiked the little hill and took in my first Gu of the day. It was also getting pretty warm out there. After taking in some fuel both GPS Michelle and I started running again as this part is very runnable with a few rolling hills and a nice wide trail.

We hit the turn around and fueled once again. This time I enjoyed the Honey Stinger Waffle followed by another Gu and a salt tab.

X marks the spot

This time I didn't stay at the turn around that long. Just long enough for the legs to recover but not too long where the legs would load up. Once leaving it was great seeing my fellow trail runners saying Hi, and offering fist bumps along the way. Everyone looked really good as they neared the turn around.

The new and improved Vanna White Pose

On the return GPS Michelle was off, I couldn't keep up. I managed to stay with her for a bit, but then my legs started feeling a little funny and I had to slow it down so my legs could recover. Once my legs recovered I managed a very comfortable pace enjoying the river and sun. Miss P. showed up. She was looking strong and she even gave me a JCP pose at the top of a small hill. Go Miss P!!!!

We ended up running the remaining portion of the run together. We even enjoyed seeing a huge group of boy scouts who were out and about enjoying a nature walk. They were alert and attentive and as soon as they saw us they yelled up/down trail "walkers, walkers." Umm actually we are trail runners and this is major hill so we are hiking. Yes, I thought that in my head. After hearing walkers though that sparked another gear or maybe it was the little rest as the boy scout troop past, what ever it was it seemed that we made it back to the dam hill in no time.

Thinking pose

At the base of the DAM hill both Miss P. and I took in some needed fuel for the three mile climb out. We power hiked the steep gravel part and then ran. Miss P. powered up the Dam hill like it was nothing. I kept her in my sights.

This is Fun!!!!

As I climbed up, up, up I just kept on moving forward. I knew I was near the finish and the sooner I got there the sooner I would be able to jump in the canal for my ice bath. I knew I would be needing on today for sure. Hike, run, hike, run and soon enough it was just running and bam I was back and in the canal. The canal was cold which was great. The cool water felt really good on my aching legs. The immediate ice bath would help with swelling and the achenes. I submerged my quads from the intense down hill over the past two days.

Not so fun, but felt great

It was a strong run for me. The weather at the end was around 64 degrees which is unheard of in January. I mean we needed sunscreen out there today plus a lot of water to stay hydrated. I ended up drinking all my water in my pack during those 18 miles. Once at Captain Kirks truck I drank 3 more bottles before leaving. It always amazes me how great water can taste.

That afternoon my dad came into town and I quickly showered ate some lunch and headed over with Traildog to enjoy the afternoon. I think Traildog had a great time as he was totally exhausted by the time we got home and passed out on the floor. He didn't even make it to his bed. It was a great Saturday that started with a great group of trail runners and ended with family time. Here is too the most amazing trails and family!


  1. Nice run and I am CRACKING UP over all the JCP poses! Thanks Miss P for your pose! That made my day! HAHAHAHA

    Looked like a great day for a run. At least from the fleet feet store it looked like a great day outside HA.

  2. Why do I always look like a dork in these photos?

    Paula got the JC pose fever.