Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last week I posted about some suspicious activity across the street. I have more details after my brother in law talked to the neighbors. Yes, my gut was in fact correct about the car and it's occupants. After some research the car was spotted about an hour before I made my way outside with traildog for our run that day.

The car was cruising up and down the block stopping at my neighbors house took a look then stopped right behind my car and looked at our house, then they left and about 15 minutes later came back and were looking at the house across the street and that is when I came outside.

They were definitely up to something and that something was no good. After informing the neighbors everyone has been keeping their eyes open. So far I haven't seen the car return or the occupants of that car. Good news I guess, I am hoping that I scared them off last week.

In other news I am still have a lot of trouble sleeping. It seems I sleep for a few hours then I am up, but the one difference is when I wake up I have been heading out the door and going for a run. Have to get the miles in somehow and if I can't sleep why not run. After my run I eat a snack and take a shower then head back to bed and sleep for a few more hours before having to get up and get ready for work. A vicious cycle and very frustrating only getting little segments of sleep. What I would give for a solid day of sleep like a normal person.

Yesterday's run was just about getting out the door and doing a little recovery run. No tempo, just a nice and relaxing run to wake the legs up. My legs felt a bit heavy but after a few miles they lightened up a bit. I was feeling really lethargic before the run but after it I had a ton of energy. But that energy didn't last long my eyes were getting heavy and I was getting short tempered so I knew it was time to get some more sleep before a hectic night at work.

Today I went for a run again because I wasn't sleeping, but this time I increased my effort/intensity on any hills I came across. It was a bit of a struggle today mentally, I think the fatigue is taking it's toll on me. The good news is I took tonight off, mainly because I am maxed out on vacation time. I plan on hopefully getting some rest tonight and it will be good for me to get off my ankle.

I had rolled it on Sunday's run with 5 miles still to go. When it happened I heard the pop and felt it, it slowed me down a little bit but it wasn't too bad. It has been tender walking on it at work. Running hasn't bothered it just as long as I don't have to many sharp turns or uneven ground. Here is to rest and recovery and some much needed sleep.

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