Sunday, January 9, 2011

Overlook Adventure

Saturday's long run was awesome!! It involved some fantastic, fast single track, good times had by all with the fleet feet ultra training program and even a bear sighting. Wow! What a day. It all started far to early for me though. I was up around 2:30am and could not fall back asleep. This was going to be a long day and I only hoped it wouldn't effect my run this morning.

Once at the overlook it was foggy and very cold. I think it was 40 degrees out in Sacramento which means it was a tad bit colder up in Auburn. But nothing was going to stop this run. Come rain or sun or wind or fog it was going to be fun no matter what the conditions.

At the start of run, heavy fog

The group started out after a quick briefing by Captain Kirk who mentioned to us to Follow the Pink Ribbon. Wonder Woman and I were running buddies today. It was good because along the way we both were reliving the Sierra Nevada Double back in September and it was therapeutic for us both.

Pre-run briefing

Water fall

We were making some good timing down the Dam hill and laughed and talked the entire way down. Once we hit the single track I took the lead and found a very comfortable pace quickly. This single track was awesome. It felt fast, it was smooth, and the rolling terrain was no challenge for us. We were cruising along and soon enough Brian and another runner joined us. I was having such a great time that the miles were ticking away fast. This was a totally different experience than last weekend were each mile seemed to never come.

A few tree obstacles to tackle

The scenery was gorgeous lots of green colors,I could hear the river and I was enjoying myself. That in itself is always great. I felt centered for once. I haven't felt that way and it was a really great feeling.

We hit the turn around it seemed far to quickly. How could 7 miles click by so quickly. It was great. At the turn around we enjoyed a ultra buffet! I took in 2 gus while others enjoyed the Honey Stinger. I just might have to try some of those on my longer runs. Everyone seems to really enjoy them. While we were enjoying our ultra feast the entire group showed up not to long after. Everyone had smiles on their faces and looked really strong.

Coach Nikon always smiling!

I headed back because I was beginning to get cold. But before I went to far Coach Nikon mentioned to me to look to the right because I might just catch a glimpse of the bear down by the river. I have seen coyotes, deer, bunnies, and heard a mountain lion but never before have I come across a bear on any of my runs.

Pretty cool, actually I really wanted to get a picture but I never did see the bear. I know that I looked pretty funny trying to run and stay on the single track all the while keeping my eyes open for a bear. Talk about being on alert. I was on alert the rest of the run. Even hesitating around some of the blind turns.

Me taking a quick photo op!

The run back to the base of the dam hill was exciting being on bear patrol but also because the group was so close together from what I could tell. Wonder Women and I hit the base and started our 3 mile climb out. We hiked/ran the initial section of the steep gravel road and ran a bit of it. Once the pavement was in sight we kept a nice steady pace and just kept running and running and running and soon enough though I needed to hike and Wonder Women just kept running. She eventually looked back and we started hiking again. We  both were waiting for the other person to walk. We laughed about that, but that is a great thing about running with a buddy because she kept me going and pushed me just as I pushed her.

Hawaii Mark just ahead of us at the base of dam hill

During this hike I had mentioned we should hike to the pink ribbon and then start running again. Sounds good. That was the plan. Only we were so into our conversation that we passed the ribbon and kept on hiking. We noticed our mistake and laughed about it and ran the rest of the way in.

It was great run, I am glad Wonder Women ran with me today and pushed me. It was great to hear about her experience during the Double. What a inspiration she is and a huge motivator.

My body felt really good after this run. No aches, no pains. That is good. My ribs are still healing and I think taking that extra day off from work seemed to help with my recovery this week. I am definitely looking forward to next weekends long run with the group and what crazy adventure will be in store for us.

 But check back later to read about the Girl Power Adventure to Cool and back! It was a great 15 mile run!


  1. Definitely sounds like a great time out there. Thanks for refreshing my memory with some of those photos.

    Glad you had a really enjoyable run.

  2. AAAAAHHHHHH I look like a dork!!!

    Great run.


  3. Great run yesterday!!! Good times, great trail and fantastic company!
    Everyone ran strong and looked great..........BIG run this coming weekend! Can't wait.