Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too early and missed run

My sleep schedule has been out of control and still is which means running has taken a back seat sort of. I still manage to log roughly 20 miles a week, but that is nothing compared to what I was logging in early December. I am sure the darkness and cold have played a small factor in it also. I just need to figure it out and get it done. Just suck it up and run!

So far this week I ran yesterday. I ran four miles with Traildog and had every good intention of making it to the Fleet Feet Ultra Group run. Last night they focused on leg turnover and tempo running. Only I didn't make it, I feel asleep after being up for 20hrs.

Today I will be running, only it will be myself so that I can focus on leg turnover and do some tempo running without the fear of Traildog tripping me even though I know he would enjoy running again. But I am sure he will enjoy playing fetch in the back yard and hanging out with Lil Man. Right now he is enjoying his warm bed because it is way to early for anyone to be up.

This weekend word on the street is the training group is heading up to the Auburn Dam Overlook and running towards the water pump. Which is just shy of Avery's Pond. I wonder how I would know when I reach Avery's Pond. Hehe! I laugh every time.

This part of the AR50 course is very runnable. It has a rolling terrain with small hills. The most challenging part though will be on the return when we reach the last 3 miles and have to climb out. It will teach us to pace our selves so that the last 3 miles wont be a struggle. I look forward to this run, I have been thinking about it all week. It will be roughly 14 miles total. I will bring my camera because I am sure there will be gorgeous shots of the views, stream crossings and who know maybe some puddle jumping!

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