Monday, January 10, 2011

Girl Power to Cool

Yesterday morning I ventured out again to the overlook with some of the Fleet Feet ultra team members. This time we were heading to cool and back and just like Saturday morning it was cold and foggy. I think it was colder Sunday then Saturday.

Burr! Captain Kirk

The road to cool is a great trail with a few water falls this time of year and plenty of down hill followed by climbs. Wonder Woman took the lead for the girls and before too long we could no longer see the boys they were flying, but so were we. Wonder Woman set a quick pace, probably because we were so cold and needed to warm up. We blasted downhill, the terrain was muddy and slippery but a fast descent. I had forgotten how far down it went. It was about a 3 mile climb down on single track followed by a mile on a fire road with a slight downward slant. It wasn't very noticeable on the way out but on the way back in I felt those small hills.

Had to stop for this photo

We hit no hands bridge in no time at all. Then the real fun begins, the climb to Cool. From no hands bridge it is 3.3. miles but 2.5 of those miles is a climb with multiple switch backs and another water fall. We decided not to climb K2 but to go around. I have been up K2 and it is brutal. The climb just kept going, and going and going and going and then just when I thought I was there it kept going.

still climbing

trying to cross the stream the rock I stepped on moved and my entire foot landed in the freezing cold water. So much for keeping my feet dry

Wonder Woman powered up this section. I don't know how she did it but she pretty much ran it all, only pauses to make sure that I was still in pursuit. I decided I would be the sweeper caboose today. I trailed on this climb, but I just put my head down and kept going. Once I reached the top I had a mini celebration with long distance high fives all around for all. I had the biggest smile on my face because I knew it was a short run less then a mile to the cool fire station. It was definitely cooler up in cool. The temperature had dropped significantly.

Welcome to Cool!

Girl Power

Once we reached the turn around we enjoyed a ultra feast of Gu and Honey Stinger Waffles. Thank you Wonder Woman for the taste, I am going to have to buy some for sure. They are fantastic!!!! We didn't stay long as we were getting very cold and just as we started back the boys came. They put in a couple extra miles. We all headed back. The single track was fantastic, it was a very fast descent back to no hands bridge.

Look how fast this trail is

Once at no hands it was time to tackle the fire road and the climb out. From here there isn't anymore descents just climbing out. Wonder Woman powered on, my legs at this point were a bit sluggish but I just kept on moving. This climb back in September was what I call the death march. Just have to keep moving. I lost sight of the girls but I sort of knew my way back. I was near the end and I had to keep stepping off the trail to let the horses pass. There were 9 horses out on the trail today.

With only a quarter of a mile left I heard this huge rumble in the bushes and the boom boom of hooves hitting the ground. I froze so fast at this sound but in the same second I was quickly reaching for my camera. I didn't want to miss a photo opportunity, and just as I pulled my camera out there it was a deer. We locked eyes and within a spilt second it came within 5 feet in front of me on the trail. It crossed the trail and took off up the hill. My heart was racing, but I got the picture. Thank goodness it wasn't a bear.

Sorry not the best photo but the deer is right behind the moss covered tree.

It was a great 15 mile run with fast descents and tough climbs. The company was awesome and I look forward to doing this run again, possible next Saturday.


  1. Looks like you had a great run Sunday-I'm sorry I had to miss it.

  2. Way to go. I don't know you run with Wonder Woman. She's a steam engine especially on the climbs! Man. When I grow up, I want to be as strong as she is! HA

    Great job. Sounds like a blast. Makes me feel like I am out there with you . . . even if I am not. :(