Friday, January 21, 2011

JC Penny Adventure

This morning I headed up to the overlook to help Coach Nikon mark the trail for the Fleet Feet groups long run. We decided to meet at Starbucks and then do the car pool shuffle so that we weren't running 18 miles today and 18 miles tomorrow. After our croissants we drove up to Rattlesnake and dropped off my car and then drove up to the Overlook and started our great JC Penny adventure. Ahhh the memories, the laughter, the friendships who enjoyed the poses....Good Times......

We headed down the dam hill and marked pausing at the intersections one of us up and one down to make sure it was marked well. In between  markings we laughed and joked around with each other a lot today. Like how short my legs are, my tiny little fingers....Stuff that only Coach Nikon could get away with.

We hit the single track and immediately noticed it was tacky and was going to be really fast for Saturday's run. Today it took a bit for my legs to find a rhythm on the trail but today was more about really enjoying the sunshine with a good friend.

We did enjoy a few JC Penny photo shoots, introducing the Vanna White Pose.....Model Coach Nikon and Pigeon.....

It is tradition to do some sort of Pose out on the trail. It keeps things fun and the memories are awesome. We even came up with a new name for Trailmomma.....How we miss running with her....Remember the time when a certain someone asked "How will I know when I reach Avery's Pond?"

Such great memories.....and looking forward to more memories to come.....

Mormon bridge

Water was Low

After Avery's Pond it is a short distance to the turn around. Trail marking today was a lot of fun. It was great to only have to do it point to point. Once we hit the 9 miles it was only another mile to my car. After the great trail run we headed to The Habit for some lunch. By the time we were done running my stomach was growling and that hamburger tasted so good.......

I am working on re hydrating myself so that my body will be ready for tomorrows run. It has been a bit warmer then usual and I know for a fact I haven't been drinking enough water this week. So my goal today is to rehydrate and to eat well. Here is to a great sunny trail run today with a great friend filled with laughter, to new names for a certain few and most of all memories.....Enjoy this weather as I know I am!!!!

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  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!! LOVE the Vanna White poses and oh my how I miss Avery's Pond . . . never again can I see a photo from there and not laugh like crazy.

    Thanks for "bringing" me on the run today. I needed it just as much as I needed all the laughs earlier!