Thursday, January 6, 2011

Early run

Instead of waiting for the weather to warm up today I just sucked it up and went for a run. It sure is dark at 6am but surprisingly it wasn't too cold or maybe it was because I dressed for it, gloves, vest, long sleeve, beanie, and yes the head lamp.

I decided to get up and run because I have been up since 2am and I knew I would probably fall asleep later on in the day and the next thing that could have happened was I wouldn't run. I left the house and took off into the very quiet neighborhood. It is interesting running in the early morning because as I ran past the houses I could see the stillness and then soon enough lights were coming on and I imagined coffee brewing and breakfast cooking.

I stayed on my familiar course I run but I cut out one stretch that seemed a little unsafe at this early hour due to the fact of the limited lighting. I didn't want to get hit by a car. I had to do two loops in order to get my miles in. Which was ok, today, usually I don't like doing loops anymore. I find loops hard on me mentally now. But today since I knew that was my only option I just went with it and soon enough the loop was over along with my tempo run.

I hadn't done tempo work in awhile but I kept it where I needed it. I ran a few miles holding 8:40 pace after a proper warm up and I even did a cool down. Overall very pleased with my decision to get out the door and run. Who knows maybe a run this afternoon with traildog.

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