Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chatty long Run = FUN

After Thursday’s hill repeats as I woke up bright and early Friday morning I bounced out of bed and was pretty surprised. I didn’t have any pain anywhere. WOW!!! My first pain free morning. Usually in the morning I am hobbling around because I am in so much pain. My only thought was “I hope this last all day.” Well, that wouldn’t be the case, after a long day on my feet I finally sat for an hour to plan out the next workload. As I got up I was once again in pain. Not Good.

Once I got home, all I could do was sit. My legs were tired from standing all day and I needed to relax. Bad move. After sitting and watching some TV. I couldn’t get off the coach. Then I had the bright idea to lie on the floor and after being there for some time I couldn’t get up. Great. Now I am in so much pain. So I did what I thought was best, I took a 800mg Ibuprofen and warmed up a heating pad and went to bed. But before I fell asleep I checked my email and surprise surprise. Guess who emailed me about running on Saturday. Trailmomma did. I responded that 14 to 16 miles sounded great. “Oh boy how am I going to do this?” I wasn’t going to worry about it until the morning and worst case scenario I could also bale on the run.

As I awoke Saturday morning, I found that I wasn’t that stiff. I did though decide that something had to change I couldn’t keep going like this. Before I left the house I took a 800mg Ibuprofen and I also used some mineral ice on back and neck. The idea being that during the card ride I wouldn’t get tight and it would help relax me.

When I arrived I was able to get out of the car without any problems. I then decided I should walk around a little and then stretch to see if that would help. I didn’t want to get tight and I knew that I couldn’t sit for fear of not being able to get back up. It worked as soon as trailmomma arrived I walked over to her car without any problems.

I was feeling really good this morning. My legs were a little tired but that was probably due to the hill repeats on Thursday and pickups on Tuesday. Mentally I was focused and exciting to be out running in this gorgeous weather today.

As we ran along we were both really chatty which for me is unusually. Apparently we each had a lot going in the short time that we hadn’t seen each other. If you were out there you might have thought we hadn’t seen each other in a week. That is how much chatting we were doing. As we were running we noticed a lot of bikers out, we knew that the Folsom Trail Runners were coming out this way and we also saw flags and a sign for Sac fit. Odd? We just kept chatting and laughing.

I was chatting so much that I didn’t even notice when trailmomma rolled her ankle at mile 3. She had to call out “Wait a sec.” Luckily it didn’t seem too bad and she walked it off and we carried on. We made to the lookout point so quickly that it didn’t seem like we had been out there that long. We were both just cruising along. This was a totally different run this last Saturday were both of us were struggling.
Sac Fit Markers at the lookout

New discovery on how to drink. The lazy man's approach as trailmomma said.

At the lookout I took in a Gu and s-cap and enjoyed the view.

We had already gone 5 miles only 3 till the turn around. Trailmomma took the lead and it was actually quit hysterical to be following. She dodged and weaved around any bush that was green, brown, red even a broken twig she jumped over. I of course was enjoying laughing at all of this. There was one extra stop along the way to the turn around. But after that it was smooth sailing. I was still feeling good, I didn’t’ have too much pain coming from buttocks. It was only a mild ache.

This is where trailmomma went!

Her she comes back!

As we hit our turn around spot I was surprised at how fast the run was going, or it just seemed that way because we were chatting and also enjoying the day. Here I took in another Gu and s-cap and just enjoyed the view of Folsom lake. The first 8 miles didn’t feel like 8 miles.

At the turn around.

JC Penny food pose

I took the lead on the way back in. I again pushed myself to run outside of my comfort level. I pushed hard on the hills and descents. I pushed harder on the flats and I continued to push myself on the technical sections. Trailmomma was enjoying the run and kept a very steady pace. I was working on leg turn over and pushing when I think I can’t push anymore. At one point though trailmomma did ask me “Is it your left side that hurts?” I of course didn’t want to answer the question, but responded with “Why?” She said “Because it looks like your left hip isn’t moving.” “Ohh” I said. “Yeah my left side hurts, and it feels like my left hip is locked up.” I was also limping pretty well. If you look at trailmomma’s picture’s in one picture I am leaning to the right, probably favoring my left side a bit. She gave me some great advice, like use my arms apparently I was forgetting to use my arms, try to push my hips forward. I started pumping my arms and wow what an improvement in my speed. I think at least.

As we were approaching the lookout again we ran into a lot of the Folsom Trail runners and also Michelle from the Roseville Fleet Feet Store. She was out running 20 also training for the Sierra Nevada. At the lookout I had to take in 2 Gus because I had used up a lot of energy and what felt like my reserves. I was a bit spent. But that is what I wanted.
5 to go!
My left hip was hurting which was impacting the way I ran. I was having difficulties with the descent but I overcame it and kept pushing on. I was having too much fun to really notice it. As we ran back in we also ran past some horses and some other runners. The trail was super busy. My legs were feeling really tired by now. Probably because of the hills on Thursday. I was slowing down a little but determined to keep running. I knew I didn’t want walk.

As we hit Cavit my legs by now were toast. I was getting really tight. As we were on the fire road a runner approached us and said “ I am going to tuck right it.” I thought that is fine. She was extremely nice and also gave me a little boost. We talked as we ran back in. She had run AR50 and was training again after being injured. I am sure that we will see her again.

16 miles completed. YEAH!!!! The run was great. It was the best run I have had in the past 2 weeks. I was little tight after finishing but my back was feeling pretty good. I was able to pop my hip which helped a lot.

Tonight I am heading over to Coach Nikon’s house to enjoy some good food with some good friends. Trailmomma and her family are also coming over. It should be a lot of fun.

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