Monday, August 30, 2010

Special Time with Lil Man

This past weekend I was able to spend some "special meme" time with  my nephew Lil Man. I had a great afternoon/evening planned for us. The only problem was I was waiting on him to wake up from his nap. He finally awoke and off we went to play with Trailmomma and the Peanut out at Beals. The entire drive there he kept asking when we were getting ice cream, because I had mentioned that we would get ice cream as our special treat. It wouldn't be special meme time without the the special treat. Right?

At Beals, he wanted to put his swim suit on to play in the sand.

The Peanut sharing with Lil Man!

Hoping around like frogs, those two had fun running around and playing and then crying and then playing. It was fun had by all.


After Beals we headed home and he enjoyed is special dinner. Who wouldn't want chicken nuggets, they are the best. Of course on the drive home he asked about getting ice cream, and where everyone went. After dinner we played outside with the dogs and enjoyed the cooler weather before heading back in to dig into some ice cream cake.

Riding his "new" bike and towing his Jeep!

Finally the moment he had been waiting for all weekend. Ice Cream

I always enjoy my special time with Lil Man. It seems that recently I don't see him that often as we are always crossing paths with our comings and goings. He was all smiles this afternoon when he woke up from his nap and wanted to spend some more special time with me. I can't wait for that happen. This weekend is cousin's birthday party so we are all looking forward to the pool party. Thanks Lil Man for the incredible special meme time. Can't wait to do it again.

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  1. You need to post all the photos Lil Man took with your camera! :-)